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Office Més Que Disseny Studio

The Valencian neighbourhood of Patraix is home to the new Més Que Disseny Studio office, which was of course designed by its team of professionals. It is a space designed to convey the warmth you receive when you enter your own home.




The approach to the studio was designed with the intention of forming a space that frames the interior, thereby making it the star of the show. It is split into three different zones: entrance, office and storage area.

The entrance was designed in the form of a lounge. The office, which follows on from the entrance, is separated from these zones using a partition in a nod to Art Deco style. Més Que Disseny opted for curtains as elements to separate the spaces, behind which is the studio storage area and the bathroom.

An extremely important point of the project, to which the team of interior designers gave a lot of thought, was the lighting: their goal was not to lose sight of the project’s concept (to turn the space into one more house in the neighbourhood) and, in turn, give it adequate luminance to be able to work in it, without resorting to using technical lighting which is more typical of commercial premises or offices than of houses.



Therefore, all the light fixtures they chose are decorative. For the office lighting they chose Faro Barcelona designs: two MINE pendant lights and the MOY wall light, both designed by Nahtrang, which acquire a significant presence alongside the surface bulbs of the false ceiling that complete the lighting of this space. In this case, a neutral light is used in the pendant lights to illuminate the worktable.



Once more, we see that lighting is one of the most important points when it comes to designing a project.

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