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Lighting project for a penthouse in Calle Cuba in Valencia, Spain.

Valencia is a city full of life and color, and the architectural firm VIMARVI Arquitectura has managed to capture it in its latest project of integral renovation of spaces in a house in Ruzafa.


Once dark and dimly lit, the building has been transformed by the choice of a simple but effective color palette. The combination of white on the walls with wood in doors, elements, and accessories of the building has resulted in a cozy and bright space.



Wood is a warm and natural material that has been used in large quantities in this project. A light shade of oak has been chosen for the doors to contrast with the white walls and add a touch of elegance. In addition, wood has also been used in the building accessories, such as flooring and window frames, which achieves visual harmony throughout the space.


To finish complimenting the construction, accessories also sought to have that point of wood. That is why to air-condition the rooms they have chosen to install our modern ceiling fan ALO, with a motor made of steel and wooden blades.


The choice of white on the walls has been key to achieving greater luminosity in the building. White reflects natural and artificial light, which creates a lighter and more spacious environment. In addition, white also helps to amplify the colors of the decorative elements, such as paintings or pictures, which achieves a very attractive aesthetic result.



In this project, light becomes the queen of the spaces, bringing a special quality to each room. For the kitchen, we have opted for a very modern decoration using our SABI pendant lamp made of aluminum in black. Ideal to properly illuminate the work area and provide design and decoration elements to embellish the place.



In summary, the integral reform project carried out by the architectural firm VIMARVI Arquitectura in Valencia has been a success. The creation of unique, special, and adapted spaces for each family represents a priority for the firm.


For the renovation of this penthouse in Valencia have chosen to create different rooms with generous windows open to the outside, which provide warmth. Betting on neutral colors combined with black and wood, a mixture that results in the most elegant, modern, and cozy spaces. Undoubtedly, an example to follow in the world of architecture.


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