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Like the flutter of a butterfly, capable of changing the natural order.

Every step we take towards sustainability and awareness brings us closer to a fairer and more caring world.

What do we understand by sustainability?
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People at the center of everything


The key to success is to have a great and enthusiastic team committed to the same purpose: the well-being and happiness of all the people who are in contact with us, our brand, and our products.

Certification carbon footprint


One of our big challenges for 2022 has been to obtain carbon footprint calculation certification in accordance with international standard ISO14064-1, as measurement of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the execution of our activities during the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.


We take care of our planet earth

Sustainable workspaces

We use green electricity in our offices. We produce 70% of the energy we consume with our own photovoltaic installation, ensuring that the energy is from a renewable source.

The key is the design

Sustainability from conceptualization

We design based on methodologies that identify environmental impacts from the moment a product is conceptualized in order to better manage resources.