• Bathroom lighting

    This time we are focusing on a space that we rarely stop to look at but which is very important and of daily use: the bathroom. And as it is important, so is the lighting.
  • How to light up your working area

    In order to be able to concentrate, establish a good dynamic and make the most of the resources we have, we bring you seven tips to light up your desk.

    Welcome to our universe of inspiration! The light now, is more necessary than ever and therefore we want to inspire you and make you feel good. You can also keep in touch with our commercial service.

  • TEN and a minimalist bathroom

    Project: Caliavo
    Interior design: BC Ateliers
    Product: TEN
  • The minimalism of PAM

    Project: Alicante
    Architects: Rodas
    Products: PAM, MALLORCA
  • A building and different styles

    Project: Parque Central
    Architects: Hernandez Arcts.
    Products: PLAT, LINK