• HOOK got to sponsor a school in Zambia

    This work has been carried out in more than 18 countries for 17 years, and Faro Barcelona wanted to support it with the launch of the ecological HOOK lamp.
  • A window to the sky

    The apartment was the concierge’s old home — very typical in these types of buildings, — a small, dark space that the family who lives just below bought to convert into a common zone for relaxation and celebrations<.
  • What’s going on in the Nahtrang teams head? Illustrated interview

    Original illustrated interview to know more the Nahtrang team. They have designed, for example, the lamps NIKO and JELLYFISH.

  • The magic of the south

    Project: Tetuán y Chueca
    Designers: Salto Proyectos
    Products: DANKA, ERES and more
  • Eating in style

    Project: Grupo Saona
    Designers:Tarruella Trenchs
    Product: LANTAU
  • The young life

    Project: Argüelles
    Study: Suave Interior Design
    Product: BOC