• Turn your new flat into a home

    The pandemic has made us reframe many things about our everyday life. There are many people who have decided to embark upon a new stage in a different place.
  • Eat, dazzle, love

    We talked to the culinary critic Alejandro Biel from Gastrobarna about the best restaurants in Barcelona, his passion for cooking and the importance of light when working.
  • Meeting the designer Andreu Carulla

    The renowned designer Andreu Carulla is collaborating with GUEST for the first time. To find out more about him, we asked him what the newspaper library has to say about him.

  • FUGA lights up the new CATBAG shop

    Project: Catbag Shop
    Architects: Studioapart
    Product: FUGA
  • A travel attic

    Project: El Refugio del Viajero
    Architect: Egue y Seta
    Products: LINK & PAM
  • We light up the new offices of Tresmares Capital

    Project: Tresmares Capital
    Architects: Febrero Studio
    Products: GUADALUPE, STAN and more