• Eat, dazzle, love

    We talked to the culinary critic Alejandro Biel from Gastrobarna about the best restaurants in Barcelona, his passion for cooking and the importance of light when working.
  • Reopening of Espacio Princesa

    For Faro Barcelona the most important thing is people, their health and safety. For this reason, we have taken all the sanitary measures recommended by the authorities.
  • The good weather is here! Let’s talk about outdoor lighting

    Now that the good weather arrives, and while we wait to have guests, let's look at the lighting in the garden or on the terrace.

  • An apartment in the heart of Palermo

    Project: Rooftop Boutique Rooms
    Architects: Puccio&Collodoro
    Products: SIDE, DANKA and more
  • Faro Barcelona fans for a warm and comfortable home

    Project: Gracia
    Architects: The Hall Studio and Manu Pagés
    Products: MINI MALLORCA
  • LINK projectors illuminate a designer staircase

    Project: Monsenhor Airosa House
    Architects: Macedo, Silva and Machado
    Products: LINK, MINE and more