• Sustainable shipping is possible with Faro Barcelona and Nozama Green

    A few months ago we closed the collaboration agreement with Nozama Green, the company that makes sustainable deliveries.
  • An endless summer

    The team of Egue and Seta says that in this house "he lives the summer and doesn't get bored". That is probably why the architecture studio has named the project "Summermode".
  • The good weather is here! Let’s talk about outdoor lighting

    Now that the good weather arrives, and while we wait to have guests, let's look at the lighting in the garden or on the terrace.

  • Lighting up the summer nights

    Project: Venice Residence
    Architects: Larcosta
    Products: LINK, MISTU
  • A great reform in Valladolid

    Project: Valladolid
    Architect: Bespoke
    Products: LED Strips
  • Tropical-minimalism in a house full of memories

    Project: Parent House
    Interior designer: David Raymond
    Products: LINK, FUGA