• Faro Barcelona participates for the first time in the Stockholm fair, cradle of Scandinavian design

    Faro Barcelona has participated for the first time in the Stockholm Furniture Faire, cradle of Scandinavian design and promoter of its characteristic minimalistic style.
  • Bed & Blue, the bed and breakfast of Barcelona

    There are projects born from a dream and little by little these start to take shape. That is precisely what happened with this establishment. The owner bought two stories of a building in Barcelona hoping to manage a Bed & Breakfast.
  • Faro Barcelona releases its new catalogues for 2017

    Faro Barcelona presents its new catalogues for 2017. Once more the company remains committed to design and ingenious ideas. Result of this constant innovation and of our collaboration with designers, we have created products that fit in a multitude of spaces

  • Faro Barcelona illuminates the Petite Pomme store

    Erbalunga Studio has been in charge of this Project. Petite Pomme is a children's fashion retail store located in Galicia that required adequate lighting to show all the characteristics of the clothes
  • SLEEP LONDON, the place to be

    Faro Barcelona has attended for the first time in Sleep London, the Hotel Design Event, held on November 22 and 23. This event is the ideal place to be in the words of Alexandra Box, Faro's Hospitality Sales.
  • Faro Barcelona illuminates La Cuina de la Boqueria gastronomic space

    La Cuina de la Boqueria is more than just a gastronomic space, it is a multi-purpose place and, as such, it requires a lighting setting that takes into consideration its different areas and the tasks.