• How to choose your ceiling fan

    If you have known us for a long time you will know that our wide range of ceiling fans is one of the best on the market. We offer comfort.
  • How we approach a project

    Our project team has been giving us tricks for lighting different spaces in the home, a restaurant and a hotel. Today we want to discover what their work philosophy.
  • This is how we light up a hotel room

    These days, the project department of Faro Barcelona is teaching us tricks. Today, we entered the room area of a hotel. A real challenge!

  • Technical lighting in a stylish home

    Project: Finca Bonita
    Interior design: Rodes Arquitectura
    Products: FRESH y más
  • The favorite designs of “La finca roja”

    Project: Valencia
    Designers: La finca roja
    Products: ACADEMY and more
  • A small apartment with MINE

    Project: Manlleu
    Interior design: Julia Brunet
    Products: MINE y WHIZZ