• LOTUS is awarded the If Design Award

    LOTUS, the outdoor lighting collection designed by Estudi Ribaudí, has been awarded the If Design Award, an important recognition from the design and innovation sector.
  • What to find in our new catalogue

    In our new catalogue, we want to make the most of the design, technology and adaptability of our luminaires.
  • HOOK wins the Excellent Product German Design Award

    HOOK has done it again, the ecological and solidary lamp designed by OiKo Design of Faro Barcelona, has won an important recognition.

  • A light filled flat

    Project: Las Letras
    Designers: Espejo y Goyanes
    Products: SVEN, NASE
  • A luxury flat in Hungary

    Project: Hungría
    Arquitect: Richárd Somogyi
    Products: MINE, MOOD
  • With view to the Giralda

    Project: Sevilla
    Architects: Jimenez&Linares
    Products: SUAU, LINK