• Sustainable shipping is possible with Faro Barcelona and Nozama Green

    A few months ago we closed the collaboration agreement with Nozama Green, the company that makes sustainable deliveries.
  • How we approach a project

    Our project team has been giving us tricks for lighting different spaces in the home, a restaurant and a hotel. Today we want to discover what their work philosophy.
  • How to light up your working area

    In order to be able to concentrate, establish a good dynamic and make the most of the resources we have, we bring you seven tips to light up your desk.

  • General lighting in a house on La Castellana

    Project: Paseo de la Castellana
    Architects: Romero&Montoya
    Products: FRESH, SVEN
  • An optician in Valencia with Faro Barcelona lighting

    Project: Óptica Climent
    Interior designers: Studio Lyke
    Product: MINE SPACE
  • MINE and a flat with a lot of history

    Project: Vilardell
    Interior designer: Cosma Mussachio
    Product: MINE