At Faro Barcelona we control the quality of our products and services at all stages: from conception and design to functionality and reliability tests. We have implemented a quality management system based on ISO9001. Legislative compliance with safety regulations under EN60598 and ERP energy efficiency regulations. We work with leading brands of components, equipment and optics (Tridonic, TCI, Vossloh, Osram, Citizen, CREE, Bridgelux, LEDil). All our products are guaranteed for 5 years and are assembled at our headquarters. 

We inaugurated the Q-LAB, the new Faro Barcelona quality laboratory; a space where we conduct all the measurements of our products, thereby guaranteeing our customers maximum quality.

The Q-LAB is a 1,050 ft space that enables us to triple our measurement capacity and calibrate all the parameters of the light fixtures and ceiling fans in our catalogue. The Q-LAB is organised in 5 sections:

  • Parametric laboratory
  • Quality Inspection Laboratory

  • Technical Support

  • Fan Laboratory

  • Environmental testing laboratory

Parametric laboratory

In this section, we measure all the parameters of our light fixtures to make sure they meet their specifications. For this, we have the following equipment:

  • 5-foot integrating sphere to perform spectrometries and measure light fixture flicker and energy efficiency.
  • High precision goniophotometer in a 14-foot-long room to conduct photometries of light fixtures.
  • Electrical safety: high-resolution electrical continuity and current leaker meters.
  • Temperature chamber for endurance tests under different temperature and humidity conditions.
  • IK meter: to measure the degree of impact resistance of light fixture diffusers.

 Quality Inspection Laboratory

In this section we conduct a sampling of the finished light fixture batches to ensure compliance with the customer’s requirements in terms of assembly, aesthetic, functional and safety aspects.

In this section we analyse the products to make improvements, thereby ensuring that the product offers the best performance.

Technical Support

Our technical support is in charge of product inspections and maintenance or repair.

Fan Laboratory

In the fan laboratory we do the following:

  • Finished fan batch samplings to guarantee compliance with the customer’s requirements in terms of assembly, aesthetic, functional and safety aspects.
  • Noise level, RPM (revolutions per minute) and airflow measurements.
  • Lifetime tests
Environmental testing laboratory

In this section we expose the products to extreme environmental conditions to ensure they are dust resistant, watertight and corrosion resistant.


For this we have the following equipment:

  • Oscillating arc: to verify the products’ waterproof Ingress Protection (IP).
  • Booth to verify the products’ dust-resistant Ingress Protection (IP).
  • Salt spray chamber: to measure corrosion resistance.

With this significant expansion of the Q-LAB, we are strengthening Faro Barcelona’s commitment to product quality so that we can keep offering solutions with people’s wellbeing in mind.