Lighting service

At Faro Barcelona we put our large team of experts in lighting design and interior design at your disposal, and we accompany you in your lighting projects, both with the interpretation of the client's needs, the calculations and documentation of the project, and with personalized advice and complete monitoring of the project from conceptualization to implementation.


All this with a special sensitivity to the care of the environment, architectural enhancement and customer satisfaction, taking into account aesthetic values and trends. Areas in which we work:

  • Private residences
  • Offices and corporate spaces
  • Shopping centers and shops
  • Cultural spaces
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Exteriors and facades
  • Educational centers
  • Hospital centers
Types of lighting services we provide:
  • Lighting study and lighting calculations
  • Advice on product selection
  • Product customization
  • Support during installation and construction work
  • Digital documentation: For the development of the project we use simulation, virtual reality with DIALUX and lighting recreations in our Lighting Lab. We use Dialux (IES, LDT) Revit / BIM (RFA) 3D files, IGS (SketchUp)
  • Supervision of the execution: Our team of professionals visits the site periodically to supervise the execution, installation and operation of the luminaires and compliance with current regulations.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, all our projects are carried out in compliance with LEED, WELL, and BREEAM certification requirements.

Advice on projects 
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Ceiling fans services

As experts and leaders in fans, we can customize and adapt the fan functions to your needs.


We adapt to the needs of each space:

  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Educational institutions
Types of ventilation services we perform:
Multiple control options
We offer integration services for our ceiling fans through home automation, allowing for automation and scheduled control.
The control options include:
  • Switch
  • Wall controller
  • Voice control
  • KNX: KNX technology is a worldwide standard that can be integrated into any space.
Customized speed
We personalize the fan's operating speed to adapt to the needs of each project.
Airflow study
Our technical and sales team conducts a personalized study of the space's characteristics, as well as the environmental conditions and your needs and preferences. The goal is to find the best fan with the most optimal programming for each project, ensuring comfort, well-being, energy savings, and perfect functionality. Our technical team takes care of the programming so you don't have to worry about anything.
Customized memory
At Faro Barcelona, we can program the fan's memory to adapt to your space's needs. You can choose if you want the fans to always turn on at a specific speed. You can also choose to activate them with the light always on or off.
Advisory service
To find the best fan based on the space's needs.
If you want to develop a personalized project tailored to your needs, contact us.
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Control and connectivity

At Faro Barcelona we are very aware of the benefits of quality light at the service of people's well-being. That is why we design luminaires and connectivity solutions that apply the latest technology to achieve this purpose.

  • Design and planning of the control system
  • Automation (sensors, schedules, circadian cycle)
  • Solutions to connect to the control system (wired, wireless or remote devices)
  • Device configuration for Plug&Play luminaires
  • Scene and group definition
  • Turnkey project
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Remote access to installations for configuration/changes
  • Scalable installations
Bespoke customisation and production

We can customize the technical characteristics of each design such as color finishes, luminaire color temperature or cable lengths according to your needs.

We also produce new designs on demand. From concept or sketch to final installation, we work collaboratively with sensitivity and the help of the best technologies to bring the customer's new creation to life.


Discover below some of the unique designs we have made on demand for special projects.

Discover below some of the unique designs we have made on demand for special projects.