Lighting and fan projects

Aware that in a large project, lighting is a fundamental part that is integrated with a multitude of systems, we help our clients to find the best lighting solution for homes and businesses. In such a way that the light is integrated into the space and favours the well-being of the people who live there.

  • Private residences
  • Offices and corporate spaces
  • Shopping centres and shops
  • Cultural spaces
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Exteriors and façades

For the development of the project we used simulation, virtual reality with DIALUX and RELUX, and lighting recreations in our Lighting Lab.

Bespoke customisation and production

We can customise the technical characteristics of each design such as colour finishes, luminaire colour temperature or cable lengths according to your needs.


We also produce new designs on demand. From concept or sketch to final installation, we work collaboratively with sensitivity and the help of the best technologies to make the customer's new creation a reality.

Discover below some of the unique designs we have made on demand for special projects.


We also collaborate with architects, decorators and engineering firms in the development of their projects, whether new construction or refurbishment.


Always taking into account the UNE-EN-12464-1 lighting regulations for lighting levels according to use or activity and LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design).


Our team of professionals visits the site periodically to supervise the execution, installation and operation of the luminaires and compliance with current regulations.

Ceiling fans projects

We offer a synchronisation service for the receivers of our ceiling fans using KNX home automation to automate and programme their operation. 


KNX technology is a worldwide standard that can be integrated into any space.


If you would like to develop a customised project adapted to your needs, please contact us.

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