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Join #ZeroPaper: less paper, more you

29 Abr 2024
#Sustainability #Sustainability

We are excited to introduce our new initiative #ZeroPaper: a project that will allow us to take a further step towards sustainability while tailoring our products to your real and specific needs.


The first step of #ZeroPaper needs your support. We are distributing a survey to gather your opinions on our physical and online catalogs. The goal is twofold: on one hand, we want to ensure that next year's catalogs are not only useful and relevant but also a true reflection of the preferences and needs of those who use them daily. On the other hand, we are looking to significantly reduce the amount of paper used, optimizing the size of our catalogs, the number of pages, and their layout.



This survey is not just another form; it is a vital tool for better understanding how you interact with our products and what you expect from us as a brand. Your active participation is essential to achieve this goal. We need you to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions so that we can design a catalog that is not only more sustainable but also more functional and aligned with your daily practices.


Taking your responses into account, we will be able to:

  1. Adjust the production of our catalogs to better reflect market demands, avoiding overproduction and resource wastage.
  2. Customize the content of our catalogs so that each segment of our diverse audience finds what they are looking for quickly and effectively.
  3. Innovate in digital formats that are more interactive, accessible, and easy to use, further reducing our carbon footprint.


Sustainability is a journey that requires everyone's commitment. By responding, you are not only helping to shape the products we offer, but you are also contributing to a more sustainable world. Remember that every opinion counts and can make a difference in how Faro Barcelona presents itself to the world and how we take care of our environment.


To participate, you only need a few minutes of your time. Access the survey through the link below: your feedback is not only welcome; it is necessary.

Your opinion matters, participate today!