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FARO doubles its photovoltaic production capacity

29 May 2023

In our offices, we have implemented the use of green electricity as part of our sustainable practices. We currently produce 55% of the energy we consume through our own photovoltaic installation. This allows us to ensure that the energy we use comes from renewable sources.



Sustainable progress at FARO Barcelona

We have recently carried out an expansion of our photovoltaic power generation capacity. During 2023, 132 new solar panels have been installed in addition to the existing installation. Together, these panels provide a total installed capacity of 60 kW.

Thanks to this expansion, we now have the capacity to generate more than 94,000 kWh of electricity per year. This amount is equivalent to 55% of the total consumption of our facilities. In this way, we are significantly reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.



Commitment to green energy

We are proud to say that our offices are committed to using clean and sustainable energy. We will continue to explore new ways to improve our energy efficiency and further reduce our environmental impact.