Frequent questions
Where to buy Faro Barcelona products
You can find our products in distributors, physical or online stores, and in different showrooms. 
How to create an order
If you are a professional and need to create an order and request assistance for your project, write to us at
How to return an order or handle an incident
You should process the return or handle an incident with your product through the store where you bought it. The store will get in touch with us and we will then proceed to handle the case.
I need a spare part
To buy the spare part of a product, you need to make the request through the store where you purchased it. We have spare parts that allow the shelf life of our light fixtures and ceiling fans to be extended.
How long does the warranty of our products last
The guarantee of our products is 3 years for those that have been acquired after January 2022. For products prior to this date, the guarantee will be 2 years. We recommend you keep the original packaging during this period because you will need it to facilitate the return or spare part if necessary.