Our technical department answers your most frequent questions so that you can enjoy our products. In these articles, you will find all you need to know to make the best use of our light fixtures and ceiling fans.

28/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Ideas for hotel room lighting
When choosing the lighting for a hotel room, there are a number of specific aspects to consider - read on to discover the key tips!
14/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Key tips to light up a restaurant
When choosing a restaurant, customers look at issues such as the menu, service or location, but, in addition, the lighting in a restaurant is a determining factor in the comfort of users and the quality of their experience ...
12/09/2022 | Lighting techniques
What is the IP Code?
The IP Code is an international standard for electrical equipment that classifies degrees of protection.
05/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Best office lighting: Tips, types and regulations
Office lighting influences your visual health and well-being at work - here are the key tips!
25/08/2022 | Ceiling fan
Ceiling fans suitable for outdoors
In order to use a ceiling fan outdoors, you only need to consider two factors: an IP44 rating and a roof that is suitable for installation. In this article, we recommend our top outdoor designs.
24/08/2022 | Ceiling fan
Anti-mosquito fan: Cools and repels insects at the same time
The volume of air generated by the rotating blades makes it difficult for them to fly and also makes them feel they are in a hostile environment. In addition, the fan blades distribute carbon dioxide and this causes the mosquito's "GPS" to break down and it does not know where to go.
17/08/2022 | indoor lighting
Lighting a desk or work area correctly
Make the most of natural light, position yourself according to the dominant hand, avoid contrast and use dimmable 4000k artificial light. These are the 4 basic principles. Find out how to improve your home office performance with these tips. Lighting plays an important role in the physical and psychological well-being of workers. Discover the main mistakes that are made when lighting a workspace. Read on!