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13/01/2023 | Lighting techniques
Lighting project How to approach it?
If you want your interior design to be a success, here are the tips you should take into account when planning your lighting project.
04/01/2023 | indoor lighting
10 designer table lamps
Whether on a side table, a shelf, a console table, a bar, a sideboard or a desk, table lamps contribute equally to the decoration and lighting of any room.
23/11/2022 | indoor lighting
How to light the kitchen professionally: Ideas and tips
In this article we bring you useful and simple tips that you can apply in your kitchen lighting projects, read on and discover all the guidelines!
16/11/2022 | Lighting techniques
Lighting control systems
Lighting control systems allow us to manipulate various parameters of one or more light sources. They can be managed in a wide variety of ways, from simple intensity adjustments to the creation of complex and dynamic lighting scenes tailored to the user's needs. 
02/01/2023 | indoor lighting
Atmosphere light: what it is and how to use it in your professional lighting projects
Ambient light is very important to achieve functional spaces with the perfect ambiance - read on to learn how to apply it to your projects!
04/10/2022 | Ceiling fan
How to install a fan in a steep
The fans are a real trend because of their comfort, their functionality, and because they are highly energy-efficient devices. However, when it comes to installing a supporting fan, the question often arises as to how to install it on an existing fan...
28/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Technical guide to lighting in hotels
When choosing the lighting for a hotel room, there are a number of specific aspects to consider - read on to discover the key tips!