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25/05/2023 | Ceiling fan
Ceiling fans for schools: how to achieve a cool, comfortable and healthy environment
Ceiling fans in educational environments provide a pleasant climate and contribute to the well-being of students. They improve concentration and do not generate noise in classrooms. In this article, the benefits of their installation are presented and recommendations for the best models for schools and colleges are given.
22/05/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
8 lighting trends for architects in 2023
At FARO Barcelona we already know the lighting trends for 2023, so if you want to give your projects those touches of added value that are already sweeping in interiors, this article is of interest to you.
Photometry: what it is, how to use it and why it is important in lighting
Photometry studies the intensity and distribution of light in a given direction. It is calculated using data provided by manufacturers and represented graphically by photometric curves. Luminaires are classified according to the direction of the luminous flux emitted and the angle of aperture is one of the most important characteristics to know when planning the lighting of a space, which can be narrow, medium or wide.
11/05/2023 | Lighting techniques
What are MacAdam Ellipses and what are they for?
MacAdam Ellipses are a tool in lighting technology that measure possible chromatic variations in light emission before the human eye is able to perceive them. They are used to correct and monitor chromatic deviations with the aim of achieving uniform and consistent colour rendering. They are used to choose LEDs and avoid chromatic variations in the same light source.
04/05/2023 | Lighting techniques
The Importance of Light in Architecture: Uses and Planning
The need to create increasingly original and creative spaces has highlighted the importance of light in architecture.
02/05/2023 | Lighting techniques
How is light measured? Units of measurement and luxmeter
In order to measure light, according to the International System of Measurement, we have to base ourselves on three specific aspects and on the distance of the set of luminous rays from the same origin. Discover the lux, the lumen and the candela.
13/01/2023 | Lighting techniques
Lighting project How to approach it?
If you want your interior design to be a success, here are the tips you should take into account when planning your lighting project.