Light and design for all
Light and design for all
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Each project, both for interiors and exteriors, is an opportunity to create a unique and special atmosphere, whether in private homes or custom projects. Light plays a fundamental role in each of these projects, as it is able to generate a special atmosphere and tell a story through shadows and reflections. At Faro Barcelona, we understand the importance of lighting in everyday life and that is why every day we work to produce unique and inspiring pieces that will make any space a special place.


In the new collection, you can find a wide variety of designs and styles, from classic pieces to modern and avant-garde pieces, so you can find the perfect lighting for every project. This collection is an opportunity to tell stories through light and the beauty of decorative lighting.



Modular, versatile and flexible designs

MAYA is a collection of oval-shaped wall lights designed by Faro Lab. This wall lamp is made of aluminum and has a rounded glass diffuser, which projects a warm and pleasant light.

LUANG is an indoor collection designed by Faro Lab. It has a minimalist structure that contrasts profoundly with the free and organic appearance of its lampshade which, made exclusively from papyrus, is illuminated in its entirety. It is a sustainable design of proximity manufacturing: its structure is produced in Spain and its lampshade in Bulgaria. In addition, its Flat Pack packaging optimises the volume in storage and shipping, thus reducing the environmental impact.

The TATAWIN family of luminaires is a design by Adolfo Abejón. Inspired by the south-east of Tunisia, its lampshade shape evokes the top of the traditional houses in Tataouine, a town located in Tunisia.

The VENICE pendant lamp was designed by Adolfo Abejón with a modern, versatile and minimalist style. The aim of this collection is to create cosy spaces through manual art and the careful selection of materials. The ceramic lampshade is handcrafted in a workshop in Barcelona and its design allows a perfect integration into the lamp holder.

COSTAS is a collection of lamps designed by Alex&Manel Lluscà that is characterised by its rattan lampshades. Available in two sizes, the design leaves the bulb visible, in a mixture of minimalist and Mediterranean style.

CONFETTI is a collection of lamps by Nutcreatives based on sustainable design. The lampshade is made from recycled plastic bottle caps and is produced locally in Valencia. The lampshade is the protagonist and complements the bulb in sight. It can be installed as a wall or ceiling light, available in diameters of 30 cm and heights of 14 cm, allowing you to create islands of light on the ceiling and on the wall. Discover the entire collection in our Faro Shop online shop.

The SHOKU family of indoor luminaires is a minimalist and architectural design created by Ernest Perera Studio. This white wall/ceiling lamp provides general lighting and has a recessed light source for greater visual comfort.



Conquer your exteriors all year round

The SAIGON outdoor lighting set is a Nahtrang design distinguished by its simplicity and pure forms.

BALIC is an IP65 architectural wall light designed by Yembara Studio, perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, and walkways. This black wall light allows for the selection of color temperature during installation and features a subtly asymmetrical lighting effect, making it ideal for illuminating facades and columns.

Ceiling fans


Air-condition and add a decorative touch to any space

The AMELIA ceiling fan is a one-of-a-kind product. With its sleek white finish and lightweight design, it is a masterpiece of the talented designer Hector Serrano. The sinuous, organic shapes give it a smooth and attractive appearance, while its small, aesthetic motor perfectly complements its modern style.

HEYWOOD is a wooden ceiling fan with modern lines designed by Faro Lab with an ultra-compact DC motor. The light wood blades of this ceiling fan wrap around the motor, achieving an ultra-light effect.

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