Light and design for all


In 2024, Faro introduces a wide range of innovations, including local production and design, as well as innovative production processes such as the use of 3D printing with recycled materials.

Each catalog contains a wide range of repairable and customizable products, designed to ensure a longer product lifespan.

Below, we present the highlights of the new 2024 collection.



Modular, versatile and flexible designs

Designed by Nahtrang, the colorful STUDIO collection has been expanded to include table lamp, pendant, floor lamp, and wall sconce. Its simple lines draw inspiration from the 1950s, adding a retro twist without losing its modernity. Its key feature is the adjustable cable that is clamped to the structure and eventually serves a decorative function.


In addition to the classic black and white, STUDIO comes in a range of pastel shades of green, blue, and pink to add a pop of color to any corner.

This design by Héctor Serrano has been transformed into a table lamp and ceiling fixture. Its rounded diffuser provides a larger emitting surface and prevents glare, making it an ideal choice for ambient lighting.

ISABELLE is a collection of three pendant lamps designed by Héctor Serrano, which were conceived to be installed individually or combined with each other to form elegant structures.


Its sinuous glass shades evoke beautiful vases that emit a soft and warm light, creating a unique play of lights and shadows.

Following Japanese inspiration, we introduce the new design by Pepe Llaudet, SHAN (“three” in Japanese): our table lamp characterized by its three parchment shades. SHAN is a timeless design locally handcrafted.

Its warm light and architectural inspiration from Japanese Zen culture have been specifically designed to create welcoming and comforting environments.

The TREEWOOD floor lamp is reminiscent of the Scandinavian aesthetics of the 1950s. It consists of a steel frame and ash wood legs that complement each other and create a contrast between the natural and industrial elements.


Its particular feature is the option to purchase a matching ash wood tray to make it more functional, becoming part of the space's furniture. This is a design by Faro Lab.

The DOMINICA collection, available in black and beige, is characterized by its simplicity and geometric morphology.


With a matte finish and an iconic adjustable semicircular shade, this design by Faro Lab adopts an industrial and sober aesthetic as a table lamp, floor lamp, and wall sconce. Striking yet understated, DOMINICA is adaptable to a multitude of environments.



Conquer your exteriors all year round

Under the need to create interesting scenographies at night, CUCA was conceived by Faro Lab to create elegant and minimalist settings.


The CUCA family consists of stakes and bollards of different sizes, whose stainless steel structures in the shape of a half-circle arch are virtually invisible at night. This creates the original impression that their bright spheres float in the midst of darkness, like fireflies.

The GAIA bollard by Enric Yembara is conceived as a concrete luminaire in the shape of a hemisphere. GAIA's convex face is exposed to darkness, while its interior diffuses its beam of light outward in a mysterious manner. During the day, it produces the opposite effect, with its convex part exposed to brightness.


To avoid compromising visual comfort, GAIA incorporates a visor to prevent glare. Available in dark gray and beige.

SCUBA LOUVER is born out of the need to bring an industrial look not only to outdoor spaces but also to a wide range of interior designs.


Made of stainless steel and with an IP65 rating, it is highly protected against rain and solid bodies, with an IK10 resistance. Despite its intentionally rugged appearance, SCUBA LOUVER cares for visual comfort, projecting a warm light at 2700K and is available as a wall sconce, ceiling fixture, and pendant lamp.

 Undoubtedly, the most versatile family among the outdoor novelties is CLAP.


CLAP is characterized by an extremely minimalist design that focuses on its ability to project accent lighting. Furthermore, its wide range of accessories allows it to adapt to any type of space and scenography, as it can transform into a stake, bollard, pendant lamp, wall sconce, and even be fixed to a tree using an accessory that allows it to embrace it.

Ceiling fans


Air-condition and add a decorative touch to any space

PALMA is a ceiling fan with a brown finish whose blades evoke the shape of palm leaves. Like MARINE, it's another of this year's additions that has an IP44 rating, allowing it to be installed outdoors.


For greater durability, it has an anti-corrosion paint treatment on the metal parts. Also available with a light kit and in a SMART fan version.

MARINE is one of the additions to outdoor ceiling fans, thanks to its IP44 rating. Furthermore, for greater durability, it incorporates an anti-corrosive treatment on its metal parts.


Available in white and brown, as well as in a SMART fan version, MARINE arrives as a new alternative to refresh outdoor spaces without sacrificing decorative appeal.

KLIM arrives in our catalog as a wide family of ceiling fans, spanning sizes S, M, and L, and available in two wood finishes, dark walnut and light oak. Furthermore, it's also possible to acquire it with a glass light kit and in a SMART fan version.


It features 6 adjustable speeds, reverse function, and is suitable for sloped ceilings.

RUDDER arrives in sizes S and L and is available with black/walnut or white/ash wood blades.


RUDDER achieves a sense of lightness thanks to blades that create the impression of wrapping around its motor. It is a family of fans available with and without a light kit, with 6 adjustable speeds, and the option to purchase it as a SMART fan.

SFERA is a new family of ceiling fans available in sizes S and M and in white and black finishes. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that during rotation, its blades seem to disappear, creating the impression that it's a single sphere.


It features 6 speeds and reverse function, making it an ideal option for small and medium-sized rooms and always maintaining a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

CRUISER is a modern design ventilation option, available in 6 adjustable speeds, with reverse function, and suitable for sloped ceilings.


CRUISER is available in 3 sizes, one of 1060, 1320, and 1600 mm (S, L, and XL, respectively). With a matte finish and aluminum blades. It is also available with or without a light kit.


Technical and efficient lighting

NESO, a magnetic track system, merges various lighting solutions, ranging from general lighting to highlighting distinctive accents. Its modular and magnetic design not only provides flexibility but also transforms environments with its adaptability and exceptional design.


In this new catalog, we welcome NESO Slim, designed for residential spaces, which brings elegance and an unlimited variety of options to create truly unique environments.

BLIT is a minimalist design product with a rectangular shape. Designed for surface installation on ceilings and walls, it provides general lighting indirectly.


Its elegant design seamlessly integrates into any environment, providing soft and ambient lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. BLIT is the ideal choice for achieving discreet and effective lighting that enhances the space's aesthetics.