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Faro Barcelona and Foundawtion, together to build a safe home in Namibia

09 May 2024

Faro Barcelona has had the opportunity to collaborate on a transformative project in Namibia, providing ceiling fans for the Namaqua Kalahari Children's Home, in Gochas. This initiative, led by the non-profit organization Foundawtion, aims to provide a safe haven for 60 children who have faced situations of maltreatment and abandonment.


The origins of the Namaqua Kalahari Children's Home project go back a couple of years, when members of Foundawtion visited the community of Gochas, in Namibia. Confronted with the harsh reality of the children in Gochas, Foundawtion decided to take decisive action. The architectural project was designed, and the search for the necessary resources to build a safe home for these children began.




The first shipment of these resources, which includes furniture, lighting, and other essential items donated by various companies, has already taken place. Faro Barcelona has collaborated by donating ceiling fans, with the aim of ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for the home's residents.


The construction of the Namaqua Children's Home is progressing well, with an opening scheduled for the fall of 2024. The project will not only provide a physical space for the children but will also establish a continuous support program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Namibia.



This project is not just a construction; it is a commitment to the future of a community that urgently needs hope and protection.


For more information on how to support or partner with Foundawtion, visit their website.