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Minimalism Chic style home

One of the latest projects carried out by Ana Escobar Estudio has been the AD House. A comprehensive reform and decoration of the house using Faro products for both, the general lighting of the main room, as well as for the bathrooms and the ambient lighting of the corridor/distributor.


This house located in the coastal area of Aguadulce, Almería, had a clear Mediterranean style, in which noble materials and calm environments are the stars in the different spaces. That is why the studio has wanted to maintain this style but always under the language of its characteristic "Chic minimalism"


What is the Minimalism Chic style?


It is characterized by the absence of large pieces of furniture, and emphasizes neutral colours, betting on noble materials, natural fibres, creating very functional, futuristic and balanced environments. Providing practicality to spaces without overloading it too much with decorative elements.



That is why lighting has a very important role. The key is to be able to provide maximum light without overloading the spaces.


For this, the following Faro Barcelona products have been used:


General lighting of the main room


In order to illuminate the space without using elements that could clash with the minimalist decoration, the use of the HARU ceiling light in white colour has been chosen. This rounded ceiling light is ideal for lighting modern spaces.



Bathroom lighting


The bathroom is an area that needs good lighting, so they chose to use the HYDE recessed ceiling lights, with a simple design, which is discreetly integrated into the ceiling. They have been installed in both black and white without a frame so that they are perfectly integrated into the space.




Ambient lighting of the corridor/distributor


In order to achieve ambient lighting in the area that distributes the space to the rooms, the NASE recessed wall light in white has been used for the lower part of the walls. This wall sconce ideal for signage lighting.

In addition, LED strips have been added to reinforce the lighting, since they allow it to be adapted to very varied shapes and surfaces, especially to be able to illuminate linear elements.


  • Interior design: Ana Escobar González
  • Photographer: Adam Garcia Pozo of Hani Photography
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