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A traveling penthouse
Madrid’s modern Malasaña neighbourhood is home to the latest project of architects Egue y Seta: the “Traveller’s shelter,” an attic designed for resting, returning to the city and enjoying it from on high.

With open spaces, and modern finishes and decoration, this house has a unique bedroom. The bed ‘leans’ on a small wall that separates the wardrobe-dressing room area, and has two spaces made-to-measure for the LINK table lamps, which act as reading lights.

In the same bedroom, we can also find the PAM pendant lamp in black (like the LINK) and gold finish. In this case, it lights up a small side table and reinforces all the bedroom’s artificial lighting. When we are in the attic, the only natural light enters through a small window at the end of the wall.

Project: El Refugio del Viajero
Architect: Egue y Seta
Products: LINK & PAM