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Discover the magic of the Hotel Holiday Inn Tababela Quito with lighting by Faro Barcelona

Regardless of the size or style of a hotel, its lighting is an essential factor in interior design. The Holiday Inn Tababela Quito Hotel in Ecuador has created its own style thanks to Faro Barcelona luminaires and the chosen furniture. Thanks to the combination of the right materials, they have managed to create a warm atmosphere, which is a real eye-catcher for their customers.


Keys to efficient lighting


The combination of these luminaires makes it possible to create spaces with their own personality, inviting you to spend time in them. BERNI offers focused lighting without the need for a high light level. This Nahtrang design is characterised by its simplicity and its fabric shade that diffuses the light.


hall lighting


STOOD designed by LÚCID is perfect for providing ambient lighting, bringing versatility to the ensemble. This floor lamp is very attractive and provides a feeling of warmth, creating an atmosphere that envelops and welcomes guests.


meeting room lighting


Room lighting


The lighting in the rooms has to make the client feel a sense of intimacy. The SWEET family, designed by Estudi Ribaudi, offers modern table lamps and wall lamps with reader. Both combine a type of light that is more integrated into the architecture of the room and show the room as if it were a home.


bedroom lighting

master bedroom lighting


The importance of how customers perceive spaces goes beyond wellbeing. Good lighting guarantees a personalised design and brand concept, it also ensures greater energy efficiency and enhances interior aesthetics.


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Developers: BPO Asesores

Architectural design: Hernán Molina, arch.

Interior design: Germán Rivera, arch.

Construction: Semaica

Photography: Bicubik.photo

Location: Tababela, Quito, Ecuador