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How to illuminate a restaurant in a decorative and functional manner

The Pablo Baruc architecture studio presents a new project in which they have been in charge of the interior design of the Cantina Mariachi in the Faro shopping centre in Badajoz. An example of how lighting can be a key element in the creation of a unique and attractive atmosphere for the customers of this restaurant.

For this project, a wide range of Faro Barcelona luminaires have been used to create an authentically Mexican atmosphere that is at the same time modern and sophisticated.



The project, designed by Pablo Baruc in collaboration with Paloma Márquez, María José Ferreira and Rocío Curto, aims to offer a unique and differentiating experience to customers, combining the essence of the brand with an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. To achieve this, natural materials such as wood, clay and natural rattan have been used for the lamps, which hang from the ceiling as if they were in a green forest.

Lighting as a key element


To light this restaurant, some of our luminaires have been used to create a combination of more direct, technical lighting with more decorative luminaires with shades that filter the light.


HAKA pendant lamp


For the general lighting, our pendant luminaires with rattan lampshades in different versions have been used to create a very original and distinctive aesthetic combination.



HAKA is a round pendant lamp that is also ideal for interior lighting in bedrooms and living rooms. The light projected through the rattan shade produces a warm and cosy illumination that enhances the beauty of the materials and colours used in the project.


TUPAI pendant lamp


Combined with the HAKA lamps, some TUPAI pendant lamps have been installed. An ideal pendant luminaire for interior lighting.



Its shape is reminiscent of an oriental lantern. The light is projected through the rattan of the lampshade, creating a beautiful effect. It is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.


Pendant lamp LIANA


In the one closest to the bar, our LIANA pendant lamps have been installed, bringing warmth to the room thanks to their hemp-covered body.



This pendant is ideal for living and dining rooms, its sober shapes contrast with the richness of the material and make it a good choice to give warmth and comfort to the room.


VOLGA wall lamp and recessed light FRESH


In the bathroom, our VOLGA wall light in black has been installed next to the mirror to provide extra light. Thanks to its IP44 rating it is ideal for bathroom lighting.



Our FRESH round recessed luminaire has been installed for general lighting in the bathroom. Made of die-cast aluminium and easy to install, it is designed for lighting commercial and contract spaces.


In short, the Cantina Mariachi project in the Faro Shopping Centre in Badajoz is an example of how lighting can be a key element in creating a unique and attractive atmosphere for customers. The use of Faro Barcelona luminaires, together with the careful selection of materials and colours, have contributed to creating an authentic and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to be highly appreciated by the cantina's customers.


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Client: Comess Group
Location: Faro Shopping Centre, Badajoz, Spain
Built Area: 130,00m² interior + 30m² of terrace 
Use: Restaurant
Date: Start of works: April 2022 / Finishing date: July 2022
Design: Pablo Baruc
Collaborator: Paloma Márquez, María José Ferreira, Rocío Curto
Photography: Comess Group
Furniture: Resol, Coma Design
Finishes: Cerámica Vives, Osaka