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Portable elegance with Fuji

A project by YSLA architects that combines functionality and design to transform a residence into a stylish space.




The Fuji lamp designed by Isaac Piñero, has been the perfect luminaire to enhance the decoration and provide a versatile and comfortable light at different times of the day.


LED technology and energy efficiency


This luminaire perfectly combines the elegance and functionality they needed to complete the aesthetics of the residence. With a minimalist design in black, it stands out for its slender and sophisticated silhouette, making it a perfect complement.




Thanks to its portable design, it can be easily placed anywhere in the house. A versatile accessory that creates a relaxing atmosphere in the reading area, perfect for any occasion.




It also features the latest LED technology, which provides a warm and pleasant light while saving energy. In addition, its rechargeable battery allows for extended cordless use, helping to keep the space clutter-free.


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Photographer: Munetaka Onodera

Architecture: YSLA architects, fundado por Takeshi Yamamura y Natalia Sanz Lavina.