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An optician in Valencia with lighting from Faro Barcelona
The MINE SPACE pendant lamp illuminates one of the corners of the new optician Óptica Climent in Burjassot, Valencia. It was chosen by the Studio Lyke interior designers, who designed a space with the objective of “bringing the product closer to the customers.” To do so, they created a transparent glass facade, turning the interior into the perfect window display. At first sight the display units (to the sides and with one central unit) can be seen with new products, and then the customer service areas with counters, tables and chairs.

It is precisely the corner for “meeting” customers that is lit by Nahtrang’s collection of MINE SPACE pendant lights. Thanks to the initial idea of creating compositions according to need, at Óptica Climent we can find the unitary version and two doubles, all in grey finish. Photography: Jordi Díaz
Project: Óptica Climent
Interior designers: Studio Lyke