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Creating atmospheres with special lighting

Lighting is capable of completely transforming spaces. The company AGIMEX has chosen the FUJI portable lamp to illuminate and decorate the tables of a restaurant, providing an exceptional lighting experience for diners.


lighting - restaurant


The FUJI portable lamp designed by Isaac Piñeiro stands out for its avant-garde and minimalist design. Its stylised silhouette and black finish give it an elegant and sophisticated look that blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the restaurant. A true work of lighting art that not only provides light, but also adds a touch of distinction and style to each table. It also offers the advantage of being completely portable and has a rechargeable battery.


lighting - portable restaurant


Adjustable lighting


One of the outstanding features is its adjustable lighting. Thanks to its adjustable shade, it is possible to direct the light where you want, allowing you to create different atmospheres and highlight specific elements of the table, such as flowers, decorations or special dishes. This versatility makes it possible to adapt the atmosphere of the restaurant according to the needs of each moment, whether for an intimate lunch or a romantic dinner.


restaurant table lighting


Quality and durability


Made of high quality materials and carefully designed, this luminaire ensures optimum performance for a long time. A perfect choice of elegant lighting design for this hotel restaurant.


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