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Classic Soul. Lighting for a modern décor with a stately essence

The project carried out by the designer and interior designer Bárbara Serra, from the BÄSE studio, is undoubtedly a clear example of how the traditional can coexist with the modern. The renovation of this flat in Barcelona has managed to preserve its stately essence and at the same time give it a modern touch.


The studio has managed to combine the elements and the space very well to transform each of the spaces and turn them into unique and special atmospheres. For the lighting in the house, different Faro Barcelona luminaires have been used depending on the place where they have been installed. Here are the details:


Bedroom lighting


The bedroom is a room for resting, but also a space where you can read, study, work or relax. That is why many types of luminaires can be combined to achieve different types of lighting according to different needs.



For general lighting you can use recessed lights such as our HYDE together with pendant lights, such as our MAMBO model, which thanks to its rattan lampshade will create a very warm and cosy atmosphere.



In addition, you can reinforce this more decorative lighting with a reading light such as our PIXIE model, designed by Nahtrang, ideal for reading in the bedroom or as a support light to create relaxed atmospheres.



Kitchen and hall lighting


In the kitchen there are usually several areas, the work area, the storage area and sometimes the office area, where a dining table is usually placed.


Each of these areas should have its own lighting, but the general lighting of the kitchen should facilitate the overall view and avoid shadows or unlit areas.


For this purpose it is very useful to use recessed luminaires such as our HYDE model, a luminaire with a simple design that is discreetly integrated into the ceiling and will help to illuminate the space in general. These luminaires have also been installed in the entrance hall of the house.



Corridor lighting


One of the most important, but at the same time darkest, rooms are undoubtedly the corridors. That is why Base Interiorismo knew that it was necessary to find a luminaire that could act as a decorative element, but at the same time fulfil the function of correctly illuminating the space.



For this project, we have used our SUNSET wall lamp, which has directional fins that allow you to control the upper and lower beam of light to achieve a functional but also decorative lighting.


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  • Photography of the magazine El Mueble RBA
  • Stylist Olga Gil Vernet
  • Photography Pepa Oromí
  • Interior design Bárbara Serra by BÄSE interiorismo