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18/01/2024 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Biophilic Design: Essential Lighting for a Sustainable and Healthy Indoor Space
Discover how biophilic design and special lighting create sustainable and healthy spaces. Benefits, patterns, and inspiring examples. Dive into this fascinating world!
23/04/2022 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
10 Lighting Design Books you should know about
We share with you the recommendations of the best books on lighting design to better understand how light works and how to project it to achieve the well-being of people and improve the performance of the physical, mental and emotional state.
07/04/2022 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Guide to staircase lighting
Stairs are a space where lighting is crucial for aesthetics and safety. Do you want to improve staircase lighting? Take a look at our guide.
21/03/2022 | outdoor lighting
Garden lighting: Is it possible to light gardens without cables?
Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of lighting a garden without wires and the best way to light every outdoor space, such as gardens.
15/03/2022 | outdoor lighting
LED street lighting: why incorporate it in outdoor spaces?
In outdoor spaces, the choice of lighting is key to people's comfort. If you are a professional, learn more about LED street lighting.
03/01/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
The 5 bases of the light study at Dialux
In this article we explain all the terms you need to know to carry out a lighting study at Dialux. Are you going to miss it?
27/07/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
CASAMBI: the most intuitive way to have a smart lighting control system
If you still don't know the Casambi lighting control system, find out why it is the best option to ensure comfort in your interior design project.
12/02/2024 | outdoor lighting
Façade lighting: everything you need to know
The facade is the calling card of a building. In addition, the characteristics of the facade influence how the facade lighting should look like. Read on and find out all about it!
20/08/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Benefits of motion sensors for your lighting projects
Get the most efficient and sustainable lighting system with motion sensors. We tell you in this article. Keep reading and find out how they work!
08/07/2021 | outdoor lighting
How to plan an outdoor electric installation
Carrying out an electrical installation of outdoor lighting is not a simple task that can be done in any way. As these are places exposed to humidity, wind, vegetation, etc., not only does the installation process become...
12/02/2024 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Light and design: 10 keys to achieve aesthetic projects
Achieving unique and original spaces adapted to the function they are to be given can be difficult, follow these tips to achieve it.
16/06/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Light intensity: How to calculate it to create ambiance
In some places the intensity has to be appropriate to create a relaxing and proper atmosphere, in others it is more important to have more light.
22/05/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
8 lighting trends for architects in 2023
At FARO Barcelona we already know the lighting trends for 2023, so if you want to give your projects those touches of added value that are already sweeping in interiors, this article is of interest to you.
06/05/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
6 lighting techniques for design projects
Are you looking for lighting techniques that will guarantee the success of your project and give it an original and modern touch? Keep reading!
11/04/2016 | outdoor lighting News
The best light for summer nights
If there is a truly magical moment, it is the summer sunset. With the arrival of coolness after a hot day, the sunset marks the moment to relax and enjoy, to eat and chat with friends or to read quietly until sleep comes. No rush, no stress.
11/08/2015 | outdoor lighting
Garden stakes: a versatile outdoor lighting solution
In Faro Barcelona we have proposed to give you lighting solutions and, on this occasion, we take this opportunity to introduce you to a very versatile outdoor product, the stake. To illuminate our garden we must take into account that it consists of different spaces and not all require the same lighting.
16/06/2022 | outdoor lighting
Terrace lighting: keys and outdoor lamps
The keys to lighting a terrace, balcony or garden where you can have fun and enjoy the good weather outdoors. For access areas we must use direct lighting...
02/04/2014 | outdoor lighting
How to illuminate outdoor walkways
In order to light up the passage areas in your home’s outdoor, you should consider two major areas: those passage areas with structural elements such as boundary or façade walls; and those without such elements, like paths or tracks.
17/06/2022 | outdoor lighting
How to properly light the swimming pool and its surroundings
Lighting a swimming pool is undoubtedly the best way to give it elegance and to achieve a modern space where shapes and colours stand out. However, it is important to take into account the following issues for the best results: light temperature, number of spotlights, IP...
15/05/2013 | outdoor lighting
LED for outdoor lighting, from the general to the signpost
The outdoor LED lighting opens a wide range of possibilities in general lighting and signposting. We have two key advantages of LED lighting. On the one hand, the considerable savings in both energy bills and maintenance costs: reduce spending between 70 and 80% of the incandescent light bulbs and have a useful lifetime of about 50.000 hours. On the other hand, the LED lighting provides qualitative advantages, with a brighter and pleasant light.
24/04/2013 | outdoor lighting
DEXTER is inspired in indoor design to enjoy it outside
Good weather is coming so we are going to start enjoying our free time outside, day and night. DEXTER will offer you the elegance and distinction that make your gardens and terraces special.
12/02/2024 | outdoor lighting
How to light a garden: ideas and tips
With the arrival of warm weather, the outdoor areas of our homes come alive and lively. We show you how to illuminate a garden in a sustainable and stylish way.