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18/01/2023 | Led
COB LED strips: what are they and when should you use them?
There are some cases where conventional LED strips fail to achieve the desired effect. In these situations, COB LED strips are an ideal choice.
30/09/2021 | Led
W equivalence between traditional and LED bulbs
Nowadays, it is a reality that LEDs have taken the place of the traditional light bulb. Have you also made this change? Find out how their watt equivalence works!
20/09/2021 | Led
How an LED diode works and what are its advantages?
It is already a reality that LED lights are replacing other types of lighting for all its benefits. In this article we tell you how the LED diode works!
11/08/2021 | Led
LED stripes: uses and benefits of illuminating your projects with LED Tires
LED strips are here to stay. Lighting that stands out for its ability to transform spaces, read on, and discover its uses and benefits!
05/01/2023 | Led
Characteristics of LED lighting: a guide for professionals
Nowadays, LED lighting is a safe bet. Do you want to know more about LED luminaires and find out which one is best suited to your project? Read on!
12/04/2022 | indoor lighting Led
Linear luminaire : 5 functional and decorative designs
The linear luminaire adapts to very diverse spaces and also offers a continuous, homogeneous and comfortable light avoiding annoying glare or shadows. We recommend 5 designs that will make your project a success.
15/06/2021 | indoor lighting Led
How to illuminate by means of LEDs in architecture and interior design
Over the last few years, LED technology has evolved to become the most widely used type of lighting.
02/06/2021 | Led
How to use the different types of LED light: cool, warm and neutral
The types of LED light is one of the elements that can most influence the sensations that a space transmits.
01/06/2021 | Led
Tips for installing LED lighting with the best finishes
The installation process of a LED light is not very complex, but doing it in the right way determines its outcome.
20/10/2015 | indoor lighting Led
Tips and uses of LEDs for every room
Know the advantages of using LED for every room in your house. Tips and uses of the type of bulb and features to get the most benefit from each type of light. Create environments and get the necessary light to perform tasks without visual disturbances.