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25/05/2023 | Ceiling fan
Ceiling fans for schools: how to achieve a cool, comfortable and healthy environment
Ceiling fans in educational environments provide a pleasant climate and contribute to the well-being of students. They improve concentration and do not generate noise in classrooms. In this article, the benefits of their installation are presented and recommendations for the best models for schools and colleges are given.
24/05/2022 | Ceiling fan
How to choose a successful ceiling fan
How to choose one ceiling fan or another? In this article we explain the aspects you should take into account when choosing a ceiling fan, read on!
11/07/2022 | Ceiling fan
8 best ceiling fans Faro Barcelona
Interior design projects must take into account many elements that can add or subtract quality to the space, but there is one that has proven to be the perfect ally for the designs of all kinds of places: Faro ceiling fans.
04/10/2022 | Ceiling fan
How to install a fan in a steep
The fans are a real trend because of their comfort, their functionality, and because they are highly energy-efficient devices. However, when it comes to installing a supporting fan, the question often arises as to how to install it on an existing fan...
04/06/2021 | Ceiling fan
6 Quiet support fans for quiet environments
There are different types of support fans, and not all of them are as comfortable and functional as the silent support fans with DC motor.
18/01/2023 | Ceiling fan
7 designer ceiling fans for a special ambience
The design bra fans are exactly what you are looking for to give your project an original, special and modern touch.
09/04/2020 | Ceiling fan
Fans with IoT
IoT is the acronym for ‘Internet of Things,’ a new technological era that enables us to control everyday objects and devices connected to a network.
24/08/2022 | Ceiling fan
Anti-mosquito fan: Cools and repels insects at the same time
The volume of air generated by the rotating blades makes it difficult for them to fly and also makes them feel they are in a hostile environment. In addition, the fan blades distribute carbon dioxide and this causes the mosquito's "GPS" to break down and it does not know where to go.
11/07/2016 | News Ceiling fan
How to install the ICE ceiling fan. Instructions
Faro Barcelona presenta un tutorial per mostrare il montaggio e l'installazione di un ventilatore da soffitto. In questo video abbiamo utilizzato uno dei nostri nuovi ventilatori di design, il ventilatore ICE, che oltre alla sua funzione principale incorpora anche la luce.
29/06/2022 | Ceiling fan
5 advantages of ceiling fans vs. air conditioners
With the arrival of good weather and rising temperatures, homes accumulate heat and become progressively warmer. An economical, healthy and decorative way to cool down your home is by...
18/04/2022 | Ceiling fan
What is the reverse function? Use the fan during the winter!
Ceiling fans are increasingly being incorporated into all types of spaces as they are a healthy ventilation system with many benefits over other systems. Did you know that they can be used both on the coldest and hottest days?
18/01/2023 | Ceiling fan
DC or AC motor fan Which is better, how to choose?
ans with DC motors are characterized by low power consumption, quiet operation and precise speed control. Discover in this article the DC ceiling fan and why it is better than the AC motor - read on!
23/07/2015 | Ceiling fan
Assemble video MINI ETERFAN
MINI ETERFAN is a design fan created by Faro Barcelona's in-house team. It is the reduced version of the ETERFAN. It is a much more compact model designed for today's homes. Although its size is smaller, it does not lose an iota of elegance and has great features. It has 6 adjustable speeds and reverse function.
16/07/2015 | Ceiling fan
FARETTO a compact and modern fan
FARETTO is a creation of Faro Team. This model of modern lines is inspired by the front lights of the mythical Vespa. A compact fan but with great features, for example, it has three regulation speeds and also has a reverse function.
02/07/2015 | Ceiling fan
How to mount the JUST FAN
The JUST FAN fan, like almost all our fans, has an easy installation so that its assembly is quick and simple. Remember that now you can participate in the campaign #sienteelaire. Get a 10% discount on the purchase of this or other models of Far support fans at your nearest store.
02/06/2022 | Ceiling fan
How to install a ceiling fan
Faro Barcelona presents a tutorial to show the assembly and installation of a ceiling fan. The most important thing is to take the necessary safety measures, follow the step by step and make sure you have all the tools you will need during the process.
25/08/2022 | Ceiling fan
Ceiling fans suitable for outdoors
In order to use a ceiling fan outdoors, you only need to consider two factors: an IP44 rating and a roof that is suitable for installation. In this article, we recommend our top outdoor designs.
18/05/2022 | Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan maintenance: 5 tips for maintenance and repair
Before temperatures start to rise and if you have not turned on your ceiling fan for some time, it would be good that you do a tune-up. Faro Barcelona Technical Service recommends that you perform these 5 steps before putting it into operation.
04/07/2013 | Ceiling fan
Heat wave approaching
Con le temperature in aumento in questi giorni, un modo sano e facile per mantenere la casa fresca è quello di utilizzare un ventilatore a soffitto.