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04/02/2022 | News
How to save up in lighting
Beyond reducing the electricity bill, lots of homes are interested in saving in electricity.
28/02/2018 | News
Luminaires with dual function
The world changes and our objects with it. We are multitasking and our gadgets must be multifunctional to be able to give us solutions.
05/02/2018 | News
Light up wherever you want
In a world in constant flux, spaces are redesigned and lighting must adapt. So, Faro Barcelona presents different portable lights among its new products.
27/10/2017 | indoor lighting News
This year, lights and shadows will be the protagonists in Halloween
Every Halloween light and, therefore, shadows, have always played a key role. Using light to emphasize good and to repeal fear is a resource that has been used previously in churches and theatres.
16/06/2017 | News
Lamps made in Spain
Faro Barcelona bets on the Design Made in Spain. Some of Faro’s luminaries are produced here because of the necessary technique
13/03/2017 | indoor lighting News
Tips for lighting our home correctly
If the moment has come to renew your home and transform that space into your own, you must definitely consider the lighting.
12/01/2017 | indoor lighting News
New Lighting Concepts: luminarias con doble funcionalidad
Faro Barcelona launches its new catalogues and some of this year’s novelties include the New Lighting Concepts.
11/10/2016 | indoor lighting News
Light up your home this fall and compensate for the daytime saving time clock change
With the arrival of fall, the light starts to change and our homes need to maintain the warmth and comfort
11/07/2016 | News Ceiling fan
How to install the ICE ceiling fan. Instructions
Faro Barcelona presenta un tutorial per mostrare il montaggio e l'installazione di un ventilatore da soffitto. In questo video abbiamo utilizzato uno dei nostri nuovi ventilatori di design, il ventilatore ICE, che oltre alla sua funzione principale incorpora anche la luce.
11/04/2016 | outdoor lighting News
The best light for summer nights
If there is a truly magical moment, it is the summer sunset. With the arrival of coolness after a hot day, the sunset marks the moment to relax and enjoy, to eat and chat with friends or to read quietly until sleep comes. No rush, no stress.
28/08/2014 | indoor lighting News
HALO, elegance in office or studio lighting
HALO is one of our 2014 novelties in studio and office lighting. Due to its minimalist design, which avoids everything superficial and unnecessary, it will be the ideal complement in the lighting of sober workspaces but with an elegant touch.
14/03/2014 | indoor lighting News
SWAN, a very special gift for Father's Day
We want to present you a very special gift for Father's Day, the SWAN table lamp. It is one of our 2014 novelties of the Home Catalog and it has just arrived from Japan. But if we have to highlight one feature of SWAN, without hesitation, it is its functionality.