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26/05/2022 | Lighting techniques
How is light measured? Units of measurement and luxmeter
In order to measure light, according to the International System of Measurement, we have to base ourselves on three specific aspects and on the distance of the set of luminous rays from the same origin. Discover the lux, the lumen and the candela.
09/05/2022 | Lighting techniques
Differences between luminous flux and luminous intensity
Luminous flux helps us to understand the amount of light in a space in general, while luminous intensity is the parameter we use to calculate the exact levels of light hitting a space....
23/04/2022 | Lighting techniques
10 Lighting Design Books you should know about
We share with you the recommendations of the best books on lighting design to better understand how light works and how to project it to achieve the well-being of people and improve the performance of the physical, mental and emotional state.
20/04/2022 | Lighting techniques
What are luminous efficacy and luminous efficiency (lm/W)?
You have probably wondered why two luminaires of the same wattage produce different amounts of light. As a general rule, when we choose a light source.
06/04/2022 | Lighting techniques
Luminance and illuminance What is the difference?
Luminance and illuminance can be confusing. What does luminance measure and what does illuminance measure? Faro Barcelona tells you all about it.
11/05/2022 | indoor lighting Lighting techniques
Lux and lumen: What are they and what are the differences?
These concepts are essential to ensure adequate light intensity and quantity without the need to test different intensities.