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26/11/2021 | Bulbs
Types of light bulbs and their characteristics: a guide for professionals
In this article we explain the different types of light bulbs on the market and what are the best options or alternatives that are currently available. 
22/09/2021 | Bulbs
6 things to consider when choosing smart light bulbs
The intelligent bombs, while being very similar to the standard bombs, have an advanced and modern version to light up areas in a simple and smart way. Segueix llegint i descobreix tot el que cal saber sobre aquest tipus de bombetes!
02/08/2021 | Bulbs
Led existing types and what to use them for
LED lights have evolved since their creation to completely displace all other types of light due to their high energy efficiency and the wide range of possibilities they offer. And although when it comes to choosing and acquiring LED lights, there is a tendency to...
30/07/2021 | Bulbs
Lumens in LED:How to know how many you need
Cada estancia o espacio necesita una luz determinada en función de las actividades que se realizan en su interior. La iluminación varía mucho, por lo tanto, desde estancias como cocinas hasta otras con ambientes muy diferentes como el salón o los...
27/06/2013 | Bulbs
LED, the most efficient light bulb
The most efficient choice, the LED bulb because it consumes less, does not scald, lasts longer and has an instantaneous ignition.
27/06/2013 | Bulbs
LED the eternal light bulb
LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are small light sources that are illuminated by the movement of electrodes through a semiconductor material.