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23/04/2022 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
10 Lighting Design Books you should know about
We share with you the recommendations of the best books on lighting design to better understand how light works and how to project it to achieve the well-being of people and improve the performance of the physical, mental and emotional state.
07/04/2022 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Guide to staircase lighting
Stairs are a space where lighting is crucial for aesthetics and safety. Do you want to improve staircase lighting? Take a look at our guide.
25/03/2022 | indoor lighting
Lighting a living room without a false ceiling: is it possible?
The living room is undoubtedly the room of choice for relaxation, but is it possible to achieve this effect without a false ceiling? Let's see what options you have.
09/12/2021 | indoor lighting
Minimalist interiors: enhance them with lighting
"Less is more". In minimalist interiors, a conscious selection of elements is prioritized. Discover how to enhance it with lighting.
02/12/2021 | indoor lighting
How is sustainable design or ecodesign in lighting?
Ecodesign is here to stay. Without a doubt, it is becoming more and more relevant in architecture and interior design. What effect does it have on lighting? Read on!
23/11/2022 | indoor lighting
How to light the kitchen professionally: Ideas and tips
In this article we bring you useful and simple tips that you can apply in your kitchen lighting projects, read on and discover all the guidelines!
17/08/2022 | indoor lighting
Lighting a desk or work area correctly
Make the most of natural light, position yourself according to the dominant hand, avoid contrast and use dimmable 4000k artificial light. These are the 4 basic principles. Find out how to improve your home office performance with these tips. Lighting plays an important role in the physical and psychological well-being of workers. Discover the main mistakes that are made when lighting a workspace. Read on!
04/11/2021 | indoor lighting
How to save on your electricity bill with the right lighting
The price of electricity in Spain has skyrocketed. Discover in this article the key tips to save on your electricity bill with the right lighting - read on!
02/11/2021 | indoor lighting
Lighting for wine cellars and wine cellars: tips for illuminating a dark space
When choosing lighting for a winery there are a number of aspects to take into account, read on to find out more about LED lighting tips for wineries!
28/10/2021 | indoor lighting
Professional's guide: latest lighting trends in living rooms
In this article we tell you what is the latest in living room lighting to get the most out of your interior design projects. Read on and find out!
21/10/2021 | indoor lighting
11 interior home lighting mistakes you should not make
There are many mistakes that can be made in the interior lighting of homes. In this article we show you 11 mistakes you should not make, don't miss it!
13/10/2021 | indoor lighting
Lighting technology: what is it and what is it for?
In this article we tell you everything you need to know about lighting technology and all the concepts involved in it. Don't miss it!
07/10/2021 | indoor lighting
5 examples of successful indoor lighting projects
Discover in the following article five examples of indoor lighting projects that we have recently successfully completed at FARO Barcelona. 
02/01/2023 | indoor lighting
Atmosphere light: what it is and how to use it in your professional lighting projects
Ambient light is very important to achieve functional spaces with the perfect ambiance - read on to learn how to apply it to your projects!
28/09/2021 | indoor lighting
Lighting design: what does it consist of and what does it bring to architectural projects?
Lighting Design plays a very important role in the illumination not only of famous buildings, but also of everyday places such as homes, shops, restaurants ... Read on and discover what it is all about!
03/01/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
The 5 bases of the light study at Dialux
In this article we explain all the terms you need to know to carry out a lighting study at Dialux. Are you going to miss it?
17/09/2021 | indoor lighting
Architectural lighting: methods and trends to inspire your lighting projects.
In this article we tell you everything you need to know about how to achieve functional, attractive and original spaces through architectural lighting.
14/09/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
CASAMBI: the most intuitive way to have a smart lighting control system
Se non conosci ancora il sistema di controllo dell'illuminazione Casambi, scopri perché è la migliore opzione per garantire il comfort nel tuo progetto di interior design.
08/09/2021 | indoor lighting
Professional guide to low ceiling lighting
Low ceiling lighting is complex because of the difficulty of choosing luminaires, installing them and obtaining good results. Do you want to know more about this type of lighting? Read on!
28/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Technical guide to lighting in hotels
When choosing the lighting for a hotel room, there are a number of specific aspects to consider - read on to discover the key tips!
23/08/2021 | indoor lighting
Lighting of a museum: what to consider
Good lighting can play a crucial role in the experience of those in that space. Discover in this article what key aspects must be taken into account when lighting a museum.
20/08/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Benefits of motion sensors for your lighting projects
Get the most efficient and sustainable lighting system with motion sensors. We tell you in this article. Keep reading and find out how they work!
04/03/2022 | indoor lighting
Cold light: trades and usages
Cold light is one of the most used in lighting projects, and can completely transform a space. Keep reading and discover everything about this type of light!
05/08/2021 | indoor lighting
Types of recessed luminaires and how to integrate them in your projects: ceiling, floor, LED and outdoor
 Do you know the recessed luminaire? Good lighting is able to create very different effects and atmospheres in the same space. Read the article and discover what this type of lighting is all about.
28/07/2021 | indoor lighting
Lighting design: what it is and how to apply it
In any architecture and interior design project, it is necessary to take into account an infinite number of elements so that the resulting space is completely functional, comfortable, and practical. In this sense, the lighting design is a factor that plays an important role in the...
26/07/2021 | indoor lighting
Intelligent lighting in architectural and interior design projects.
During the last few years, there have been great technological advances that have made our daily lives much more comfortable. Technology allows us today to adopt a multitude of elements not only to our needs but also to our...
23/07/2021 | indoor lighting
White light: How to get it and tips to use it
Natural light is an essential element in people's daily lives. Throughout history, attempts have been made to reproduce natural light in different ways in order to prolong not only nightlife but also to be able to develop in a more efficient way.
15/07/2021 | indoor lighting
Human centric lighting, a " must" in healthy lighting design
 Do you know what human-centric Lighting is? Artificial lighting has undergone a revolution with this system, which brings the greatest comfort and well-being to any space, enter the article and find out all about it!
13/07/2021 | indoor lighting
4 tips for the lighting project of a house
To achieve functional, comfortable, and aesthetically attractive spaces, one of the keys to take into account is lighting. Determine the points of light, the luminaires to be used, their styles, where they are going to be placed, and...
14/09/2022 | indoor lighting
Key tips to light up a restaurant
When choosing a restaurant, customers look at issues such as the menu, the service or the location, but the lighting in a restaurant is also a determining factor in the comfort of the users and the quality of their experience...
07/01/2023 | indoor lighting
DALI sistem: communication protocol
Having lighting capable of creating very different effects and atmospheres in the same space already seemed futuristic just a few years ago, and if we add to this the possibility of easily controlling the luminous flux of the luminaires, it is possible to...
08/01/2023 | indoor lighting
What is a dimmer and how it works
You already know that lighting has the power to influence moods or the feelings that a space transmits, but what if we told you that you can adapt the lighting of a room to the needs you have at any given moment? To know how to do this, you first need to understand what a dimmer is and how it works.
14/08/2021 | indoor lighting
Shop window lighting: professional tips to impress customers
La iluminación de escaparates es relevante para atraer e impresionar a posibles clientes a tu tienda. Es imprescindible que sean llamativos. Descubre cómo conseguirlo con este artículo.
18/01/2023 | indoor lighting
Types of artificial lighting in architecture
What happened in the schools that could not be used for natural light? ¿I when was it of nit? Descobreix els millors tipus d'il-luminació artificial.
12/04/2022 | indoor lighting Led
Linear luminaire : 5 functional and decorative designs
The linear luminaire adapts to very diverse spaces and also offers a continuous, homogeneous and comfortable light avoiding annoying glare or shadows. We recommend 5 designs that will make your project a success.
15/06/2021 | indoor lighting Led
How to illuminate by means of LEDs in architecture and interior design
Over the last few years, LED technology has evolved to become the most widely used type of lighting.
21/05/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Light and design: 10 keys to achieve aesthetic projects
Achieving unique and original spaces adapted to the function they are to be given can be difficult, follow these tips to achieve it.
17/05/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
Light intensity: How to calculate it to create ambiance
In some places the intensity has to be appropriate to create a relaxing and proper atmosphere, in others it is more important to have more light.
22/05/2023 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
8 lighting trends for architects in 2023
At FARO Barcelona we already know the lighting trends for 2023, so if you want to give your projects those touches of added value that are already sweeping in interiors, this article is of interest to you.
06/05/2021 | outdoor lighting indoor lighting
6 lighting techniques for design projects
Are you looking for lighting techniques that will guarantee the success of your project and give it an original and modern touch? Keep reading!
12/08/2022 | indoor lighting
How to control lights and bulbs with your mobile phone or wifi
Discover how to connect the light points in a space to wifi so you can control them from your mobile, Alexa, Google, Echo or other devices. Turn light bulbs on and off without touching switches.
02/05/2018 | indoor lighting
A dish fwith plenty of happiness
Some news is so exciting that it practically writes itself. This news meets all the requirements. We have achieved our goal.
26/04/2018 | indoor lighting
Types of light
Light is so important in our everyday lives, just like everything we adapt to our routine: getting up, eating, working, relaxing, sleeping.
27/10/2017 | indoor lighting News
This year, lights and shadows will be the protagonists in Halloween
Every Halloween light and, therefore, shadows, have always played a key role. Using light to emphasize good and to repeal fear is a resource that has been used previously in churches and theatres.
18/01/2023 | indoor lighting
What is the best light for reading, studying or sewing?
Light has three basic temperatures: white, neutral and warm. In environments where attention is required, as in the case of studying, reading or sewing, for example, the most appropriate light is white, neutral or...
18/07/2017 | indoor lighting
Lights, renovation and action
We must think about general lighting. LED has become the great ally of homes and its color temperature can help us delimit an area.
13/03/2017 | indoor lighting News
Tips for lighting our home correctly
If the moment has come to renew your home and transform that space into your own, you must definitely consider the lighting.
22/02/2022 | indoor lighting
Ideas to light up the dining's table
Eating has become a multisensory experience and the light plays an essential role at the time of enjoying this activity.
12/01/2017 | indoor lighting News
New Lighting Concepts: luminarias con doble funcionalidad
Faro Barcelona launches its new catalogues and some of this year’s novelties include the New Lighting Concepts.
09/11/2016 | indoor lighting
Wood, a touch of warmth in home lighting
Wood is one of the most predominant materials in home decoration given its endless possibilities.
11/10/2016 | indoor lighting News
Light up your home this fall and compensate for the daytime saving time clock change
With the arrival of fall, the light starts to change and our homes need to maintain the warmth and comfort
04/01/2023 | indoor lighting
10 designer table lamps
Whether on a side table, a shelf, a console table, a bar, a sideboard or a desk, table lamps contribute equally to the decoration and lighting of any room.
20/10/2015 | indoor lighting Led
Tips and uses of LEDs for every room
Know the advantages of using LED for every room in your house. Tips and uses of the type of bulb and features to get the most benefit from each type of light. Create environments and get the necessary light to perform tasks without visual disturbances. 
14/12/2021 | indoor lighting
How to light up a bedroom step by step: 1
Bedroom lighting must be, above all, homogeneous, uniform and without shadows. Besides, and to contribute to the creation of an environment of harmony, relaxation and rest, it must strengthen the decorative style by being warm , and not too powerful.
15/02/2022 | indoor lighting
Warmth in the kitchen office with the right lighting
The office is the kitchen area, independent from the work area, destined to enjoy refreshments and other informal meals, in addition to domestic tasks. It is an intimate area, usually structured around a bar with drums or a small table. Which lighting system to choose? Be inspired by our advice.
20/10/2014 | indoor lighting
Wall lights with reader, enjoy reading in bed
After the summer months, we return to the routine and also reprenem certain activities that we have left aside. Just as we try to get back in shape by going to the gym; many of us take up reading again...
28/08/2014 | indoor lighting News
HALO, elegance in office or studio lighting
HALO is one of our 2014 novelties in studio and office lighting. Due to its minimalist design, which avoids everything superficial and unnecessary, it will be the ideal complement in the lighting of sober workspaces but with an elegant touch.
14/03/2014 | indoor lighting News
SWAN, a very special gift for Father's Day
We want to present you a very special gift for Father's Day, the SWAN table lamp. It is one of our 2014 novelties of the Home Catalog and it has just arrived from Japan. But if we have to highlight one feature of SWAN, without hesitation, it is its functionality.
05/12/2013 | indoor lighting
Decoration ideas for Christmas decoration
With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, homes dress up for the celebrations. Living rooms are usually the center of meetings and the maximum expression of that special Christmas decoration. Tables, walls and corners look with all their splendor. From Faro Barcelona we want to propose a selection of our lamps that will help to dress up your most special evenings. So, here are our lighting ideas to decorate for Christmas.
04/12/2013 | indoor lighting
A lamp, an original and different Christmas gift
If you have started to consider your Christmas shopping and still do not know what to give, from Faro Barcelona we want to present you a selection of our designer lamps to give for Christmas. Sometimes, it is difficult to get out of the usual, so we want to give you some ideas for Christmas gifts. Do not miss them!
19/04/2022 | indoor lighting
What lighting for the bathroom? Our specialists answer you
In the bathroom, it is best to use a neutral or cool colour temperature, from 4000º Kelvin. In the mirror area, the best options are wall lights with direct general lighting on both sides of the mirror. In the shower, recessed ceiling lights with diffusers. If the toilet is in the general bathroom space, residual light from the shower or mirror is sufficient for this area.
31/10/2013 | indoor lighting
How the Protection Index influences bathing safety
One of the most important aspects to consider when we illuminate the bathroom is the degree of safety provided by the lamp against dust or water. This is indicated by the Index of Protection (IP) code.
25/05/2023 | indoor lighting
Best office lighting: Tips, types and regulations
Office lighting influences your visual health and well-being at work - here are the key tips!