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A villa full of light right in front of the sea

We can find Villa Calle in Algarve; it is a wonderful villa with sea views restored by the Studioarte architecture studio.


The purpose of this project was to be able to open the house to the sea with the creation of large windows on the south façade. In this property, the exterior was as important as the interior, so the challenge was to unite the terrace area with the living room area.




How we could achieve this integration of spaces?


By applying the structural principles of bioclimatic architecture that consists of having a good orientation, good thermal insulation with specific materials and techniques, cross ventilation and good light and sun protection. At this point, lighting has also played a very important role, since the elements had to be perfectly integrated into the space.


The idea was to be able to achieve a house connected with life, connected with nature, in order to establish harmony and synchrony between the natural environment and the home.



 Outdoor lighting


With the exterior lighting, the aim was to maximize the functional and decorative elements of the house, with luminaires that would be perfectly integrated with the façade.


Our SHADOW LED lamp, designed by Alex&Manel Lluscà, has been used in the entrance area. It is an outdoor beacon whose lattice body projects beautiful shadows and provides an integrated warm light.


In order to illuminate the façade, the SUNSET LEDs have been installed on the walls, wall lamps for exterior lighting that have directional fins to be able to control the upper and lower beam of light, which allows for functional and decorative lighting at the same time.



The stairs have been illuminated with GRUND LED, recessed LED floor lamps perfect for creating light paths and thus delimiting the passageways in gardens or terraces.



To reinforce the lighting of the garden, our FOC LED stake has been used, since it is an adjustable luminaire, it is ideal for lighting gardens and terraces, focusing the light where it is most interesting.

The porch area has been illuminated with the TASA ceiling lamp, perfect for outdoors, giving a very modern touch to the space.



Interior lighting


For the living room, ceiling lighting has been chosen with track projectors accompanied by hanging lamps. To reinforce this light, in the living room, we have chosen to add floor lamps such as our JELLYFISH, a series of design lamps created by Nahtrang. Its name comes from its shape similar to a jellyfish. With a round head and a balanced structure, it produces a warm light perfect for the home.



For the main bedroom, the same JELLYFISH lamp has been used but in the tabletop version. This table lamp is perfect for modern living rooms, bedrooms and contract spaces.




Finally, in another room, we used a wall lamp on each side of the bed, specifically our SMILE model. It is a lamp designed by Jordi Busquets, created to have a double functionality. Thanks to its adjustable design, if we place it vertically it can be used as indirect or ambient light and if we place it horizontally it is perfect as a reading light.


One of the rooms has been reinforced with the OVO wall light, a lamp designed by Estudi Ribaudí for general lighting in the home. This white wall lamp is ideal for decorative lighting, in addition to having a handle to be able to orient the diffuser and direct the light according to your needs.




No doubt, one of the great challenges was to be able to work with the existing structure and identity of the estate in order to create the desired spaces inside. In this way, Villa Calle represents a merger of the old and the new.


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