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FUGA lights up the new CATBAG store
Studioapart is once again leading the renovation of the CATBAG shops and in its latest renovation it has used the FUGA projectors from Faro Barcelona.

With the aim of creating a modern and attractive space for the young public, the new backpack and handbag shop has as its main element a metal grid that serves to display the product in a "versatile way". The architects also wanted to open the shop to the outside and, this same structure combined with two other materials, allows it to be used as a showcase and to see the products from the street.

To illuminate this very important area we find the FUGA spotlights, a family of technical lighting with a refined design where all the elements are housed inside the spotlight casing. They have chosen the black finish to continue with all the aesthetics of the premises which is very urban and has signs in neon lights. FUGA can also be oriented on both the vertical and horizontal axis, making it perfect as an accent light in renovations like this one.
Project: Catbag Shop
Architects: Studioapart
Product: FUGA