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A luxury apartment in Hungary

Architect Richárd Somogyi is behind this amazing renovation of a luxury flat in Hungary with the collaboration of Baselight.

It is a home of large spaces with wood as the main element, both in the furniture and on the walls and finishes. A staircase that counterposes the white colour is the clearest point in the entire home, which governs its chromatic scale in the tones of this noble material.

So it is no surprise that in the bedrooms it is the MOOD light fixture that accompanies the headboards. It is also made in light wood and projects an indirect light perfect for resting. Indeed, lighting plays a very important role in the displaying of the design. The round shaped BOARD lamp reflects indirect warm light in the main hallway, giving a leading role to the finish of the wall. It looks like a small eclipse that accompanies you to the bedrooms. The MINE light has been placed in triple format in the reception. Its modern, simple and sophisticated design enables the necessary combinations to be made for each space. As in this flat in Hungary, quiet an architectural luxury.

Project: Hungría
Arquitect: Richárd Somogyi
Products: MINE, MOOD