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Faro Barcelona participates in Casacor Paraguay
Faro Barcelona was one of the companies chosen to light two of the spaces of the first edition of Casacor Paraguay: the environment of the Sustainable House and the Prosa y Vino Gallery.


Together with our official distributor in Paraguay, Electropar, Faro Barcelona was in charge of giving light to both spaces. The Sustainable House has an industrial style area where iron, glass and vertical gardens stand out. For the entrance, a set of different WHIZZ, in gold colour and visible filament light bulb were used to create a relaxed and diaphanous atmosphere that invites people to visit it.

In the living room, we used two NAN projectors in black colour which, thanks to its rail system, extend the general lighting and highlight the area of the monitor. On the dining room table, the SIDE pendant by Alex & Manel Lluscà illuminates the table and at the same time delimits the area.

Finally, in the bathroom, the glass pendant LIZ-2 fits in this area illuminating it in a very original way. The glass creates a contrast with the wood of the wall and the reflection of the bulb against the mirror makes the space look bigger and better illuminated.

On the porch, a relaxation area, we used TECTO ceiling covers, joined together three by three, and producing a homogeneous general illumination. In the uncovered area we find the GROW beacon by Estudi Ribaudí, with the garden accessory that integrates perfectly in the outdoor area.

In the trees, graciously hung, portable CAT in red colour. A very popular lighting style that takes advantage of the natural elements to hang the lamps.

What stands out the most of the areas illuminated by Faro Barcelona is the outer zone. In the covered garden we find the portable NUK creating a charming and magical light curtain that reinforces the image of tigers hidden among the vegetation.

The surroundings of this area is illuminated by the DAS LED beacon that acts as a road marker. In the surrounding gardens, the BU-OH beacon, awarded with the German Design Award 2018, hides among the trees, showing only its light eyes.

Last but not least, the entrance to the Prosa and Vino Gallery is illuminated with LING LED wall lamps, projecting light from above and below, creating a nice and pleasant light set.

Faro Barcelona was one of the companies chosen to light two of the spaces of the first edition of Casacor Paraguay