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Simplicity, comfort and neatness in the same style

The last design undertaken by the studio Rimartus was the indoor design of a flat in Lithuania. The objective was to convey the style of the young couple who live in this home using a very clean urban aesthetic.


For this, materials with a very simple style were chosen, committing to the comfort of the elements and the neatness in the design.


The range of predominant colours was white, grey and the lightened oak wood textures with black accents.


The objective was the same for the lighting; very aesthetic and at the same time modern designs.

Lighting with track projectors


The studio committed to using our NESO system of magnetic tracks, a light fixture with an adjustable accent, which enabled different light fixtures, both for general and accent lighting, to be combined.



NESO perfectly incorporates itself inside any type of space architecture. It can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, to make multiple combinations, creating very original and aesthetic environments.


The light fixtures are attached to the track using magnets, making it very easy to change their position. The power of imagination and creativity!



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  • Photography: Leonas Garbačauskas