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Fuente Real lighting and interior design

Fuente Real was an old seaside villa with an Indian past that was converted into a guest house, preserving its unique style but combined with a more modern twist. So, how can two styles that are so different be successfully enhanced?


At Pardo Interior they were inspired by the old Indian guest houses mixed with the tropical exuberance of the transatlantic journeys that were made at that time. This is how they managed to create a cosy, exotic and at the same time modern ambience. Do you fancy a little getaway to discover all its charms? In this article we tell you all about it!

Fuente Real is located in Cantabria and consists of four very comfortable 3-key category tourist apartments. It offers quality amenities in a space built with top quality materials, where exclusive lighting and decoration stand out.

The challenge of the project was to recreate the Indian style, but at the same time recreate a space surrounded by nature to offer guests a unique experience. For this, plant stampings on the kitchen floor tiles, wallpaper with organic designs, tropical murals and textiles in shades of green were used create this ambience.

To reinforce this concept with the lighting, a warm light was sought that could be distributed throughout all the rooms and that would be integrated very well into the space.

In the bathrooms, they chose the SIDE ceiling light designed by Alex&Manel Lluscà to give it the touch it was missing. Thanks to its gold coloured solid and simple structure, it contrasts beautifully with the combination of green and brown colours so present in the house’s decoration.


As for the bedrooms, they choose the Alex&Manel Lluscà REM wall light  This wall light has a minimalist base that makes it ideal for lighting the bedrooms and its reading light function perfectly complements its environmental light function.



They were very clear that the Fuente Real house had to be unique, and for this they needed it to have the same feeling of cosiness from the outside as on the inside. So they decided on white colours for the facade combined with green and gold touches. And, to make the facade more visible, they decided to add the NAHIR wall light. This is a classic style wall light made in brass which is ideal for lighting the space, making all its details stand out.



This project was undoubtedly a challenge to successfully recreate a unique and special ambience.