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How lighting can be key to minimalist interior design

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design. Not only is it a source of light, but it can also add personality and style to a home. In the GALILEO project, the PULSO architectural studio has carried out a renovation of a house in Chamberí, Madrid, where they have used STAN luminaires by Faro Barcelona to complement the elegant and warm atmosphere of the house. Here we explain a little more about the project:


What has the reform been like?


The property is located in a privileged area of the city of Madrid and consists of a large open-plan living-dining-kitchen area and a set of bedrooms and bathrooms with an integrated office.


The intervention focuses on updating the layout of the house and improving the finishes to achieve a personalised, high quality atmosphere. The proposal consists of redistributing the spaces in a more logical and appropriate way for the day-to-day life of the family that will live in the house. A space for teleworking is included which could be converted into an eventual third bedroom.



The project focuses on the living-dining-kitchen space and is reformulated to be more open and diaphanous, leaving the two main metallic pillars in view so that the simultaneous uses of the three spaces can be shared among users and generate common activities. The kitchen and the island are inserted in the context of the living-dining room with finishes that unify and organise the different spaces.


Which Faro Barcelona luminaires have been used and why?


The STAN luminaires by Faro Barcelona have been used in different areas of the home. They are ceiling lamps with a minimalist and elegant design that bring a modern and sophisticated touch to the environment. They are available in different finishes, such as white, black and gold, to adapt to the needs of each space.


In the living-dining-kitchen area, our white STAN luminaires have been installed, perfectly integrated into the space. This combination of the luminaires with the minimalist décor not only adds a touch of style, but also creates a soft and warm general lighting. In addition, the choice of the white colour of the luminaires is a perfect choice to complement the warm wood finishes of the furniture.



The STAN ceiling lamps are an excellent choice for any interior design project. Their minimalist and elegant design makes them perfect for any modern and contemporary environment. In addition, their innovative LED technology and diffused, uniform light make them an excellent choice for illuminating any space.



In conclusion, the GALILEO home renovation project in Chamberí, Madrid, is an excellent example of how interior design and lighting can be combined to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Faro Barcelona's STAN lamps are a perfect complement to this project, adding a touch of design and sophistication to the home. This project will undoubtedly be an inspiration for many interior design and lighting lovers.


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  • Architects: PULSO ESTUDIO
  • Photography: JOSÉ HEVIA
  • Builder: Tecta
  • Furniture: DESPACIO Concept Store
  • Taps: ICÓNICO
  • Home refurbishment in Chamberí, Madrid