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A house full of personality

This house renovated by the architecture studio Limes Architetti is located in Italy. Inspired by the Sicilian origins of the family, it was intended to become a flat that reflected the personality that the clients wanted to convey.

To ensure that the lighting was one more element of the decoration of the house, some of our design luminaires have been installed, continue reading to find out more:


Living room lighting

The large living area is where the clients spend time together, so they wanted the living room to have a large table located in the centre of the space so that it would become the point of support and connection between the living area and the kitchen. 

The architectural composition of the space is designed to accommodate the custom-made furniture elements and the necessary storage space, creating spacious rooms emphasized by vivid colours that recall the colours of the owners' homeland.



To highlight the table area, our four-light MINE pendant ceiling lamp designed by Nahtrang has been placed. Thanks to the material from which it is designed, the light flows through the diffuser, bringing warmth and comfort to the home. Its very special design makes it undoubtedly a unique piece, as well as being versatile and customizable, thanks to the hook accessory, which allows the light to be placed where it is most needed.



Our STAN rail projector has been placed in the area near the television, a very good option for lighting spaces where it is necessary to incorporate a point of light.


Kitchen lighting


For the general lighting of the kitchen, HYDE white recessed lamps have been installed to achieve uniform and constant light throughout the room. This recessed luminaire has a simple design, so that it is discreetly integrated into the ceiling.



Here is a little advice! If we add LED lighting in the kitchen, we will be able to save money through a sustainable solution, since we will be able to reinforce the general lighting in more specific areas.

  • Architectural and interior design studio: Studio Limes Architetti
  • Photographer: Angelo Talia 
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