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A space for the senses, the new corner of Hofmann

In the heart of Barcelona, at the crossroads of tradition and haute cuisine, the Hofmann patisserie has opened a space in the emblematic Turo Park. This haven for lovers of select sweets shines with special lighting, made by Faro Barcelona. Our large team of lighting design and interior design experts immersed themselves in the project, interpreting Hofmann's needs and providing customized solutions, from conceptualization to implementation. At Faro Barcelona, we don't just illuminate spaces; we enhance architecture and focus on client satisfaction, fusing aesthetics and current trends in every project.




More than just a showcase of delicacies, this project is a tribute to the quality and style that characterises it.


Tailor-made lighting


When it comes to creating an ambience that awakens the senses and highlights the beauty of the products, the choice of lighting is essential. In this project, lighting played a key role, using UNO products and LED Strips to achieve an exceptional result.




One of the highlights of the lighting is the use of the recessed UNO, a precise choice to create a spot light focus. The idea was clear: to highlight the lectern displaying the delicious creations, but without the spot light becoming a distraction.




The opening angle was meticulously adjusted to achieve a soft, warm light, as strategic light points throughout the shop, avoiding any general lighting that would detract from the charm of the space.


Invisible light points


Around the shop, UNO is used to maintain a coherence in design and lighting. At the bottom, the LED Strips add a modern and delicate touch that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the shop.




The infinite possibilities offered by this type of luminaire make it ideal for illuminating spaces, highlighting shapes and colours and creating original and attractive effects.


The magic of this lighting lies not only in what is seen, but also in what is not seen. Strategically placed, invisible points of light subtly highlight, but impact the products that adorn the shop. Each cake, bonbon and delicacy receives its own dose of lighting attention, enhancing its beauty and appetising appearance.




In short, this project is a lighting masterpiece that demonstrates how light can transform a space and enhance the beauty of the products. The combination of precise lighting, contrasting colours and meticulous attention to detail make this patisserie an unforgettable corner in the heart of Barcelona. Visiting it is a true feast for all the senses!