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A stylish and bright home

Every project is an opportunity to create unique spaces full of personality. Sarah Campet Interieurs has used Faro Barcelona luminaires in the renovation of a house and has managed to create a sophisticated atmosphere. With a careful selection of luminaires, she has transformed every corner into an oasis of elegance and luminosity.


Lighting in the bedroom


In the bedroom, the OVO luminaire, designed by Estudi Ribaudi, becomes the central element that provides soft and enveloping lighting. Its design blends in with the headboard, creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere. The diffused light emanating from the lamp is ideal for enjoying moments of rest and relaxation.




A touch of spotlighting


The hallway is an area of the home that is often overlooked in terms of lighting. However, by using the strategically placed MOY wall lamp designed by Nahtrang, you can create a play of light with a glamorous and distinctive touch.


luminosity - corridor


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