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Anthropie Studio transforms the bathroom with MAY

In the world of interior design, every project is an opportunity to create something unique and surprising. On this occasion, this lighting project by Anthropie Studio, un, has transformed a bathroom into a masterpiece of aesthetics and functionality, using our MAY luminaire in black and white.


Elegance in Lighting


When it comes to fusing lighting and design into a stylish space, our MAY luminaire, designed by Faro Lab, available in black and white, adds a touch of sophistication and personality.




The MAY luminaire is much more than a simple light source, its minimalist design and geometric shape allow for a smooth integration in various spaces, bringing a contemporary and elegant touch.


Furthermore, thanks to its IP44 protection rating, it is ideal for the bathroom due to its water resistance. This means that it is designed to withstand wet conditions and possible splashes.


A Bathroom Transformed


White brings brightness and freshness, while black adds a touch of depth. Strategically placed, they become decorative elements that elevate the aesthetics of the place.


protección IP44 - MAY


In short, the choice of this luminaire dazzles, brings beauty and functionality to every space, while highlighting the decoration of the environment.


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