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We illuminate the new Tresmares Capital offices

The Febrero Studio architecture studio entrusted Faro Barcelona with the lighting of its latest project, the offices of the investment fund Tresmares Capital in Madrid.

It is a space covering over 800 m2 arranged in open plan spaces which house the reception, meeting areas and work-cafe zone. In order to respect the building’s structure, the architects reserved the smallest or “residual” spaces for phone calls or small meetings. For the general lighting, both in the communal spaces and in the more restricted areas, CYLINDER track lights were used, which practically run through the entire office. The STAN and VIA pendant lights provide support for the general light in the reception and waiting room, and the desk zone, respectively.

The KERA wall light and the new 2020 GUADALUPE design are tasked with providing appropriate light in spaces such as the meeting area. GUADALUPE can also be found in floor lamp format or as a table lamp in the different break areas. Thanks to the cylindrical shape and the matte beige finish of its shade, this design by Isaac Piñeiro fits in perfectly with the decorative style of the renovation, which “sought to maintain a balance between the more sombre materials and the company red.”

Project: Tresmares Capital
Architects: Febrero Studio
Products: GUADALUPE, STAN and more

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