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How to restore the original features in an interior design project: the experience of CO-A Studio at Poble Sec

The CO-A Studio architects faced a fascinating challenge in their last project: to convert the dwelling on the main storey of an 1870 building in Barcelona into a functional and modern home. Furthermore, how did they manage to restore the original essence of its architecture? What role did lighting play? Let’s take a look.


The first part of the renovation consisted of the “selective demolition” of all the layers of superimposed finishes from old renovations, which led to them using the original architectural and construction elements, such as the interior brick load-bearing walls, the wooden floor structures and ceramic blocks, and the large arches on the back facade.


In a second intervention, the architects focused on reclaiming the entry of natural light. The clients wanted a functional space, so light would be a determining factor in creating a spacious effect in the bedrooms and enhancing the original construction elements that had been left on display in the first part of the renovation. And so they designed a new layout to make the most of the exit to the outside from some rooms and reinforced the more central areas, such as the master bedroom and the hallway, with Faro Barcelona’s STAN projectors.


When it came to incorporating new elements into the rooms, they chose materials that “harmoniously” combined with the original features of the walls and the ceilings, of light coloured wood or neutral colours like white. And they provided a touch of colour and modernity by using the colour red on doors and windows, which was completed in the kitchen and dining room with the KOMBO pendant lamps by Nutcreatives for Faro Barcelona and with the TEN wall lamps in black from the same brand, thereby demonstrating that kitchen lighting is full of possibilities and that combining the original elements in a dwelling helps to create modern and fresh spaces in any era.


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