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A designer coworking

In Palma de Mallorca’s historic centre, Barri Studio has renovated a three-storey building on calle Sant Magí. Two luxurious flats occupy the upper floors, while a coworking space occupies the ground floor, a project that balances recovering what already exists with the need for an update.

Some of Faro Barcelona’s light fixtures have been used in the coworking facilities, combining the most technical aspect with the decorative. In this article we provide an example of office lighting to inspire you for your next projects. Keep reading!


How to light up a workspace


Barri Studio designed this coworking space by opening up the space while at the same time maintaining the privacy of the different areas.


This space is made up of a wide range of work zone options to meet users’ needs. In these zones where general and very functional lighting with maximum visual comfort is required, our VIA system were installed, enabling the creation of continuous lines of light.


What’s more, an open space with a tailor-made wooden reception desk was considered. A space so special and so exposed to the public warranted a designer light fixture that would give the space great personality, like our pendant light MINE.


This white, two-lamp pendant light fixture designed by Nahtrang has a metallic structure and polycarbonate diffuser. The material and the light that flows through the diffuser provide warmth and comfort to the space.


Other workspaces have been designed within the coworking space: a few comfortable booths, individual tables and an independent meeting room. In these spaces, our SCUBA industrial style pendant light was installed.



This workspace has a small kitchen with a bar for eating. It is a space with a lot of natural light. To reinforce the natural lighting, a more decorative light fixture like our BOARD wall light was chosen.



In this project, the materials take on a leading role. We committed to using neutral materials like wood, aluminium and stone, adding a touch of colour to give the space a more contemporary appearance.


In the terrace zone, focused lighting was sought to put the vegetation area front and centre. For this, our FOC projector light with stake was used, a very good option to incorporate the light fixture into the space and for the lighting to be as decorative as possible.





  • 01041_BOARD
  • 04100_VIA
  • 28209-2L_MINE
  • 63509_VOLGA
  • 70158_FOC-21
  • 75754_SCUBA


  • Project name: Coworking Sant Magì
  • Project team members: Jordi Barri Segon, Xavier Zanuy Justribó, Genís Garcia Borràs, Miriam Del Castillo Soler, Pauline Personeni
  • Photography: José Sánchez Masterton


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