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A Refreshing Touch at Oasis Lanz Beach Mate Hotel

The Hotel Oasis Lanz Beach Mate, located in a paradisiacal corner of Lanzarote, has carried out a ventilation project that has turned its spaces into true havens of well-being.




A smart choice for air conditioning


Our Pemba ceiling fan was the perfect choice for this project, featuring a sleek white design and advanced DC motor technology.


In a space as busy as the hotel lobby, being a passage and meeting area, it is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature. With Pemba, this is achieved thanks to its ability to distribute the air, helping to keep it cool and ventilated.


In addition, its silent operation provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying an unforgettable stay, guaranteeing an optimal distribution of fresh air and a perfect balance in the room temperature.




Another feature is its reverse function, in summer, it becomes the perfect ally to combat the heat, as it circulates the air downwards, creating a gentle breeze that reduces the thermal sensation and reduces the need to use air conditioning, benefiting the environment and the sustainability of the hotel.


In winter, it maintains thermal comfort by changing the direction of rotation of the blades, pushing the hot air that accumulates at the top downwards, creating a heating effect that distributes the heat evenly.


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