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DC or AC motor fan Which is better, how to choose?
19 May 2022

One of the characteristics to take into account when choosing a fan is the type of motor it has; its performance and consumption will depend on it. In this article we tell you the difference between AC and DC motors, why ceiling fans with DC motors are better and the options we have at Faro Barcelona.


If you want to know what advantages a ceiling fan with DC motor offers in interior design and why at Faro Barcelona we only use this type, be sure to read this article.



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What does DC or AC mean in a fan


There are two types of motors:


AC motor


They use alternating and variant current. It is like power plugs, it does not always have the same value, they move between a range.


DC motor


They convert alternating current into direct current or direct current, thanks to the transformer included in the fan motor. In this way, they always generate the same voltage in only one direction.


Advantages of the DC motor in ceiling fans


These are the main advantages of DC motors:


1. Energy saving


The consumption of DC fans is 70% lower than that of conventional fans thanks to the use of direct current. This is because these motors avoid wasting energy. At an average speed of 50rpm the consumption is approximately 3W.


2. Lightweight 


They weigh less than the motor is lighter, and this makes installation easier.


3. Quiet motor


Ceiling fans with a DC motor are particularly quieter than those with an AC motor, as they require less friction from the motor. This feature is, in fact, one of the most important for users, as with these fans it is possible to enjoy a discreet healthy ventilation that goes completely unnoticed.


5. More speeds


Fans with a DC motor have 6 speeds, 3 speeds more than a fan with an AC motor. That is why the different options offered by a ceiling fan with DC motor adapt to any taste and to the different needs of the users throughout the day. In addition, the speed control is very precise.


6. Long service life


Considering that they make the most of the energy they consume and do not heat up as much as those with an AC motor, ceiling fans with a DC motor are also known for their durability. 


7. Reverse function


Most fans with a DC motor have a reverse function and can be activated via the remote control, without the need to activate it from the ceiling rose.


8. Efficiency


Ceiling fans with DC motors are quicker to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop. In addition, they offer a very low minimum rotational speed.


ventilador de techo motor dc


Which is better DC or AC motor?


If you are looking for a modern, innovative design with maximum functionality, it is worth investing in the extra that a ceiling fan with DC motor provides for greater comfort and well-being. 


Ceiling fans with DC motors are the best option to ventilate in a healthy way and at the same time add a point of design to any space.


Since Emerson Electrics launched the first DC motor ceiling fan in 2009, lower costs have made it possible to continue working on these motors, which were initially very expensive, but are now competitively priced.


Faro Barcelona DC motor ceiling fans


At Faro Barcelona we only use fans with DC motors. Here is a selection of our most iconic ceiling fans:




Kauai | Simple and timeless.


Perfect for spaces over 28 m2, with a simple and timeless design. Suitable for sloping ceilings, with reverse function and remote control operation.



Just Fan | Best seller


 Ceiling fan with DC motor in trendy and industrial style. With various models available in different materials, 6 speeds, remote-controlled and with reverse function.



Morea | Modernity


With a modern design, suitable for sloping ceilings and spaces of at least 17 m2, with 5 adjustable speeds and remote control.



Milos  | Simple and unobtrusive



With a simple and unobtrusive design, the Milos DC motorized ceiling fan is suitable for sloping ceilings, has a reverse function and 6 adjustable speeds. In addition, there is a Smart model that can be controlled from your smartphone.



Gotland | For large rooms 


Ceiling fan with DC motor, white and long, perfect for rooms from 17.6 m2 to 28 m2. With 6 speeds and reverse function, so it can also be used in winter. Like the Milos model, the Gotland is also available in a Smart model, to be controlled from a mobile device via a WI-FI network.


At Faro Barcelona we have one of the most varied offers on the market in terms of ceiling fans with DC motors. Their benefits, functionality and convenience undoubtedly guarantee maximum comfort and well-being in any space. Do you have any doubts about their features or about the model that best fits your project? Do not hesitate to contact us.