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Estudio Além with Faro Barcelona bring light to a hotel in Girona

In the project carried out by Estudio Além, the interior of a hotel in Gerona has been worked on through formal simplicity and a contemporary image, focusing on improving the rooms and at the same time enhancing the guest's experience.


In this project the studio has opted for simplicity and timelessness between tradition and contemporaneity of the materials combined with Faro Barcelona luminaires. Every detail was worked on to give the spaces a homely feel with the neutrality of the colours. 


How to bring warmth to the spaces


 A very good option is to use designer wall lamps, such as our SIDE 200 model, designed by Alex&Manel Lluscà. It is a wall lamp with a solid and simple structure that combines perfectly and harmonises the environment so that, in addition to illuminating, it creates a relaxed atmosphere.




Another outstanding luminaire is LINK, a wall light designed by Estudi Ribaudí in a contemporary and functional style. It is perfect for transit areas such as corridors or as a strategic position to illuminate essential details.


From the same family we find the LINK table lamp which takes up little space and offers direct light to the work area. In addition, it contributes to the creation of a harmonious space in conjunction with the rest of the objects.




Finally, the bathroom should not be left in the background. It is one of the most important and delicate areas to illuminate, as homogeneous light with moderate power is required. The LAGO wall light provides uniform light and is ideal for use above the mirror.




All this leads us to affirm that lighting plays a key role in the decoration of a space, because it allows us to create different atmospheres depending on the type of luminaire chosen.


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