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Villa Arrifana. A paradise with natural light

On the Arrifana Coast in Portugal, we find one of the latest projects from the Studio Arte architecture studio, which has consisted of the design of this incredible villa in the Algarve.

A project where Faro Barcelona luminaires have been used with a modern design and made with materials that could be perfectly integrated with the space.


One of the first principles of bioclimatic architecture is the use of light and its natural heating power. The main objective of this project was for lighting to be a complement and for the protagonist to be natural light. Do you want to know what products have been used? Keep reading! Here are the details:

Facade exterior lighting


To illuminate the facade of the house, the white BLIND exterior wall lights have been installed, which integrate perfectly with the design of the facade. This wall light has directional fins that allow you to control the beam of light to achieve functional but also decorative lighting.



In addition, TASA ceiling lights have been installed on the terraces of the rooms, this rounded ceiling light is ideal for lighting modern spaces.


How to properly illuminate the pool and its surroundings


The option they have used to illuminate the Villa Arrifana pool has been through the use of recessed lamps, placed inside, bordering the contours.

To illuminate the floor around the pool, they have chosen our CROSBY recessed lights, in a modern style. These outdoor downlights provide a warm light creating a very cosy atmosphere, as well as lighting the space in a functional way.



How to light an interior staircase

A very useful way to illuminate the route in a subtle way and without disturbing the eyes of people who use the stairs is to place recessed lamps in the lower part of the wall.

At Faro we have a very suitable luminaire for this, NASE, a white recessed LED made of aluminum and polycarbonate, which is ideal for signage lighting.



How to distribute the points of light in the living-dining room to illuminate well


Joana Dalmau, the architect of this project, was very clear about the importance in decoration of achieving that adequate, warm, comfortable environment that highlights the strengths of the living-dining room and that has natural light as the main protagonist.



That is why for the lighting of this area we have chosen to install wall lamps like our OSLO, a modern style wall light ideal for decorative lighting.




Each wall light has been distributed in such a way that a very good combination has been achieved between the technical or general light and the more decorative and indirect light.

  • Architect: Joana Dalmau Pinto
  • Creative Director: Arnold Aarssen
  • Collaboration: Ana Catarina Oliveira 
  • Photography: Ruben Guerreiro & Luís de la Cruz
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