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Refreshing the Mediterranean spirit

The hotel Domaine L'Ostalas, has been known for its timeless elegance, its cosy atmosphere and its strong link with the surrounding nature.




In order to offer an exceptional experience to your guests and create an even more refreshing and welcoming atmosphere, our Lantau ceiling fan has been incorporated.


Elevating Mediterranean Style


The Lantau model stands out for its modern and sophisticated design in matt black, this fan has become a key piece that not only provides a refreshing breeze, but also enhances the essence of the spaces.




A perfect balance of performance and comfort makes this fan stand out as the ideal complement to this unrivalled experience.


Advanced Technology for a Cool and Quiet Experience


One of the most remarkable features is its advanced DC motor technology, which ensures efficient and quiet performance, resulting in a calm and relaxing environment for guests.




In addition, thanks to its reversing function, the fan can be used all year round, promoting air circulation in winter and providing a pleasant breeze in the warmer months.


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Photography: Sarah Navarro & Macawstudio