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MIL VERANOS. House with Mediterranean air

The architecture studio Srta. Rottenmeier has restored and interpreted the Mil Veranos home in the coastal area


Located in Los Urrutias, very near to the Mar Menor, the project consisted of renovating the facade and reconfiguring the existing indoor and outdoor spaces to adapt them to the owners’ current needs.



For this, the house was restructured by clearly positioning the daytime and nighttime zones. The daytime zone is where we find the living room and the kitchen, connected to the garden space where the pool is located. This has enabled a direct relationship to be established between the core of the house and the main leisure zone, making the most of the hours of light and natural ventilation.



The nighttime zone, where the bedrooms are situated, is located in the north and west zone of the house, in order to have the spaces used less during the day, thereby avoiding being in warmer zones during the sunniest hours.




The materials used for this project respond to the parameters of durability, safety and cleanliness.


For the outside, traditional materials like wood, esparto grass and stone were chosen to give the house the Ibizan style Mediterranean air. The use of these materials, which have given the complex a colour palette that evokes elegance and coolness, has been reinforced with the WINCHE LED ceiling fan with light designed by Conillas. Two fans have been installed in the terrace zone to help cool the area down, blending perfectly into the design of the space. This fan is activated by a remote control and has a low consumption and high efficiency DC motor, so is ideal for placing in warm zones that are going to be used more. In this outdoor part, our TONI stake lamp designed by Alegre Design was chosen. This adjustable stake is a perfect solution to enhance decorative elements, as in the case of this amazing vegetation planter. Thanks to its high IP65 and anti-rain and solid object protection, TONI is what you need if you want to place a light point where you most need it. 



For the indoor zones, like the bedrooms, light-filled spaces that convey calm and peace have been designed with large windows protected by Mallorcan shutters that screen the light and let the sea breeze flow through. The POROS LED fans have been installed, which are ideal for lighting up and cooling down the warm summer nights. Manufactured in steel and wooden paddles, they can be used as decorative elements, and also have a functional use to control the temperature of spaces.


  • Project: Casa Mil Veranos
  • Studio: Srta. Rottenmeier


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