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Transformation of an old hut through lighting and ventilation

In the village of La Roca de Pelancà, an old 19th century cottage has been completely refurbished to become a modern refuge full of charm and comfort. Two outstanding elements in this transformation are the ALO L ceiling fans and the STAN adjustable luminaires by Faro Barcelona.


The essence of the cabin


The main objective of the refurbishment project was to preserve the essence of the cottage. Initially, the house presented a distribution of floorboards at different heights, which was maintained to highlight its uniqueness.


lighting and ventilation - external view


ALO ceiling fans


One of the outstanding products used are the ALO ceiling fans by Faro Barcelona. These fans with their modern lines are perfectly suited to rooms larger than 17.6 m². With a steel motor and wooden blades, they add a touch of elegance and comfort to every space. Thanks to their reverse function and their compatibility with sloping ceilings, they adapt to the specific needs of the environment, guaranteeing efficient and refreshing ventilation for maximum comfort at any time of the year.


lighting and ventilation - cabin


STAN directional luminaires


Another highlight are the STAN directional luminaires. These luminaires, which can be installed as wall or ceiling lights, offer an elegant and contemporary design. Made of aluminium and with a transparent polycarbonate diffuser, they provide versatile and functional lighting. Their ability to adjust and direct the light according to the needs of each space makes it possible to create cosy atmospheres and highlight specific architectural details. Their presence in the cabin enhances the modern and sophisticated aesthetic that was sought.


lighting and ventilation - open spaces


The refurbishment of this residence is a clear example of how design and functionality can merge to create a unique and welcoming space. Thanks to the vision and care of the elements used, such as the wooden blades of the fans and the aluminium of the light fixtures, this residence has been transformed into a modern refuge that respects the historical essence of the place.


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AUTHOR: Mireia Masdeu y Corrales (www.masdeudesign.com)