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Ceiling fan

How to install a fan in a steep

Ceiling fans are a real trend because of their comfort, functionality, and high energy efficiency. However, when it comes to installing a ceiling fan, the question of how to install it on a sloped ceiling often arises. 


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When installing a fan on support with these characteristics, we must use support fans suitable for inclined supports, but there are some questions to consider before purchasing or installing the product.



What to take into account when installing a fan on a slanted support

Installing a supporting fan on slanted support is not as complicated as it seems, since there are models that are suitable for this type of support. In any case, to avoid any problem of slipping or movement that may occur after installation, it will be necessary to take into account:

  • Confirm that the support fan is suitable for inclined surfaces.
  • The degree of inclination that supports the inclined support fan. Informed of the installation instructions.
  • The degree of support inclination, especially if it is higher than 20%.
  • The pieces are included in the fan.

The fans for inclined support usually include specific parts that make them suitable for these supports, so it is important to always use only the parts that come with each fan model. The fans suitable for inclined supports, allow the shaft to fall vertically so that the fan is always flat with respect to the support and ensures the best performance and comfort.


Options for installing a fan on steep support

Each support fan has its own specifications and is prepared for one type of support or another. Precisely for this reason, it is important to know the degree of inclination that each fan can support on inclined support since when the inclination of the support is equal to or less than that supported by the device, it will not be necessary to incorporate any extra accessories. In this sense, we can find two options:




A fan for inclined bracket that has a post and can be installed on this type of bracket. The post support allows the post to drop vertically to the ground ensuring that the fan is completely flat to the ground.



Support with a degree of inclination greater than 20% requires the use of a platform for the inclined support fan.


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In reality, this is quite logical. Tilt-stand fans need enough space to operate properly, so the tilt of the stand not only influences how the fan hangs, but also whether the blades have the necessary space to move without colliding with the stand or other objects.


In fact, when installing a fan on inclined support, it is not only important that it is suitable for this type of support, but also that the blades have the appropriate length. In this case, you can always purchase a smaller model of a fan for a tilt stand or add a stem extension to the model you have.


When purchasing the fan for inclined support, you should take into account all the specifications beforehand, so you will avoid surprises during installation and, above all, during subsequent use.


How to install a fan on an inclined support

The installation of a fan on steep support basically follows the same steps as any other installation of a normal support fan. However, they may require some modification such as a platform or a longer shaft.


In any case, it is always important to follow the instructions for each specific fan very closely, as the steps may vary in small details, and not taking them into account could cause dips or unexpected movements after installation.



The best option, however, is to entrust the installation to experts who can guarantee both a good installation and assembly and the adaptation of the fan model you have chosen to the inclined support in question. In the case that it is necessary to install a platform to hold the fan or a longer shaft, relying on a professional fan support expert becomes even more important because of the additional steps required.


If you are looking for a tilt support fan, at FARO Barcelona we have one of the most varied offers on the market, where you can find fans that not only adapt to different supports and degrees of inclination but also different sizes, designs, and styles, adaptable to any space. Still don't know which one goes best with your project? Contact us and we will help you.

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