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Faro Barcelona lighting in a Gracia boutique hotel

Gracia Garden, the project undertaken by Pia Capdevila of a small boutique hotel in the centre of Gracia in Barcelona. The objective of the project was to turn the building into a very special space with its own essence and soul.


The client wanted something different; for the guests to feel welcome and at the same time grab their attention. The starting point of the project were spaces that were very basic with no wow factor.


The starting point was the inner courtyard, a key space for the hotel that had not been enhanced. This courtyard has street access, so the intention at all times was to create a visual ambience that would grab people’s attention from outside and encourage them to want to discover the space.


How did you manage to get the most out of this space?

Presiding over the courtyard is a large plant wall and two large side trees, which help lay the space out into four zones, each with its own furniture and details. It is also painted in an enveloping grey green, thereby creating a space that allows you to forget you are in the middle of the city.



To put the space centre stage, elements to highlight it and provide a point of difference were used.


For the lighting, light fixtures were chosen that could be incorporated into the environment as part of it. This is why our VERSUS outdoor table lamp was chosen in white.


A very special modern style piece designed by Pepe Llaudet. To transform this table lamp into a floor lamp, the high structure was used, an ideal solution for decorating and lighting up gardens and terraces.


At night, it is a spectacle of indirect lights that create very interesting shadow games.


Worked in different tones and textures, and well-coordinated with oak wood, thereby providing a point of warmth to make it a welcoming and cosy space.


  • Project: Gracia Garden hotel Boutique 
  • Interior design studio: Pia Capdevila Interiorismo